Popular orchid task to ‘avoid’ for ‘successful growth’ that will ‘damage blooms’

Orchid: Express shares tips for watering plant

Moth orchids are known to be the easiest and most popular variety, but there are some owners who still struggle caring for them.

Luckily, experts at Henry Street Garden Centre have shared what to do and what not to do for “successful orchid growing”.

Despite being known as low-maintenance, households “should not totally neglect orchids”.

If these houseplants are checked on regularly, any problems such as root burn, leaf burn, root rot or even pests will be caught “before they take a true hold”. 

The orchid experts said: “Detection in the early stages can help you save your plant.”

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The experts claimed that owners should “avoid” separating orchid bulbs, especially if the orchid is not in the best condition.

These bulbs are the plant’s “energy source”, so the more connected pseudobulbs an orchid has, the more energy it will have to grow faster and stronger, so never separate individual pseudobulbs.

To water and increase humidity levels for orchids, it is often recommended to give the houseplant a mist. However, this is something that should be “avoided”.

The experts said: “Don’t mist orchid flowers. Some guides will suggest that misting is a good idea and though the leaves of some orchids may benefit from this slightly, this should be avoided as the flowers are more fragile and water droplets can cause mould spots or patches and damage your precious blooms.”

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There are better ways to water and increase humidity levels such as using a humidity tray or humidifier.

Using a humidity tray or humidifier will produce a more controlled and sustained increase in local humidity and this will reduce the risk of water pooling in undesirable places on the orchid.

Another mistake orchid owners make is cutting the plant’s aerial roots. Most orchids will have aerial roots reaching out into the air, rather than digging down into the potting media.

These roots are looking for a tree branch to attach to. These roots absorb moisture from the air.

Owners should never trim off these wandering roots, just let them do their thing.

The experts said: “In many cases, they can prove to be important for the orchid. If the roots enclosed within the potting medium perish, the orchid can still survive by drawing in moisture in the environment via its aerial roots. 

“Moreover, in cutting a root you create an open wound through which all sorts of bacteria can enter the plant.”

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