Peace lily: How to get your houseplant to bloom this spring – ‘minimum temperature’ needed

Peace Lily: The best ways to keep you plants looking good

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The peace lily houseplant is a popular low maintenance plant known for its glossy green leaves and white flowers. Native to central America, the common indoor plant thrives in a warm, humid environment, perfect for bathroom locations. One expert has shared how peace lily owners can get their plant to flower this spring.

Natalie Devereux, product specialist at Serenata Flowers, told “Peace lilies are considered easier than some other plants to look after during the colder months when there are fewer sunlight hours, despite being a tropical plant.”

This is because peace lilies are one of the few houseplants to thrive in moderate to low lighting conditions.

Usually flowering in spring, the houseplant will produce one or two white hooded blooms that can last for over a month.

They occasionally flower again in autumn.

The expert added: “They will only flower in spring if a minimum temperature of around 15 degrees celsius has been maintained in the home.”

Their soil must also have remained moist in a pot with good drainage.

For peace lilies which have not yet bloomed this month, it may be a good idea to gradually move the plant to a brighter light, if it has been in a particularly dark room.

This could spur a non-blooming peace lily to flower instantly.

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Natalie continued: “It is worth remembering however, that they enjoy a humid environment, and humidity in the air significantly reduces in the home when the central heating is on.

“We always recommend misting regularly to help counteract this.”

Misting houseplants every morning is a great way to boost their humidity levels and keep them moist.

It can also help to reduce the risk of overwatering, providing it is done correctly.

Taking tepid water in a mist bottle, houseplant owners can mist their plants from a 30cm distance, making sure to cover all the visible leaves.

It is important not to touch the roots, as this can result in root rot.

Peace lilies particularly like misting, especially during the warmer months of the year.

Misting twice a week with clean, distilled water can help prevent leaves drooping and turning yellow.

Leaves can also be wiped with a damp cloth to remove any dust and help to prevent insect infestations.

According to the expert, the houseplant should also be watered with distilled water.

Natalie explained: “Peace lilies don’t like being overwatered, so don’t water on a schedule…overwatering can lead to root rot which suffocates the plant.

“Where possible, use filtered water as tap water can contain fluoride, which peace lilies are sensitive to.”

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