Natural and pungent smell is the best non-toxic method to banish rats

Gang of rats invade Glasgow garden leaving residents terrified

Rodents such as mice and rats can spread diseases to humans through their faeces, urine and saliva.

Some of the diseases that can infect humans include hantavirus, ratbite fever, lymphocytic choriomeningitis and leptospirosis.

Usually, rats won’t hang around for long if there’s no food, however, gardens can be the perfect place for them to hide and build nests.

With this in mind, Robert Collins at, the UK’s leading trades matching site, has shared exclusively with five natural ways to deter the pests without resorting to traps.


While rats are attracted to food, according to Mr Collins, rats really don’t like onions.

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He explained: “Just the scent of an onion is one of the best non-toxic ways to get rid of rats from your garden.

“The pungent smell of onions can deter rats and prevent them from wanting to enter the garden.

“Cut a few onions into slices and spread these slices around the edge of your garden or close to any visible entry points.”

Owls feathers

Rats are smart and research has shown that rats are smart enough to sense threats in their own surroundings.

Rats have learned how to act in the presence of predators, especially how to escape an owl attack.

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The pest expert said: “A great way to deter rats is to place feathers from their natural predators close to their habitats or close to any visible entry points to your garden.”

Essential oils

Essential can be used to deter rats from gardens and is one of the “safest” and “most effective natural ways” to banish rats.

Some examples include peppermint, eucalyptus, and citronella which are strong enough to dissuade rats.

Simply mix together the chosen essential oil in a spray bottle using the method of one part essential oil to nine parts water.

Spray the mixture around the edges of the garden and in any space where rats have been hanging around.


Ammonia is great for repelling rats due to its very pungent smell. Mix together some ammonia with water in a bowl and then place this bowl outside close to the rat’s habitat.

Gardeners must ensure they don’t put the mixture close to any plants in case the bowl gets knocked over as the ammonia could kill plants.

Steel wool

Steel wool can be used to block access points to gardens. Mr Collins added: “If there are any visible access points where you know the rats are entering and exiting, stuff some steel wool into these gaps.

“Steel wool is a great barrier as it’s difficult for rats to nibble at steel wool. They will eventually give up when they find they can’t get through it.”

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