Natural 65p staple ‘burns’ and ‘kills’ patio weeds ‘in a week’, gardeners claim

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Weeds often grow in the cracks and gaps between paving slabs on patios which can make the area look unsightly.

Often, gardeners and homeowners don’t realise weeds are growing on their patios until they see the tell-tale shoots start to appear.

Removing weeds from patios for good can be tricky as gardeners could end up damaging their patios and paving in the process of removing the pesky plants.

Now, keen gardeners and fans of cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch, aka Sophie Hinchliffe, have shared their simple solution for removing weeds from patios.

Rather than using weed killers, they suggested using a more natural method such as salt.

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Tracy Allingham said: “Put salt down then pour boiling water over it, worked for me.”

Theresa Kearney commented: “Salt absorbs all the moisture from the plant then it dies. Must be dry weather for a few days though.”

Wendy Bassett agreed and wrote: “Salt, put on the weeds on a sunny day and it burns them.”

Margaret Dixon suggested: “Salt and hot water did mine.” Amanda Jane Williams posted: “Salt and boiling water works a treat.”

Gearoid O hEathairn suggested: “Go to Aldi and buy standard table salt at 65p a bottle. Two or three bottles on weeds.

“No harm to children or the environment or animals and will kill all the weeds within a week. If you need more salt it’s just 65p a bottle. Works for me.”

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Table salt is available from most supermarkets or online. Sainsbury’s table salt costs 65p per bottle, M&S table salt costs 40p and Aldi table salt is 65p.

Other suggestions for removing patio weeds included using a weed burner, white vinegar, washing up liquid and boiling water.

Catherine Amos said: “Himself bought the weed burner, he got it on Amazon, works a treat.”

Gay Sopjes replied: “Weed seeds are blowing about all the time, so unfortunately there’s no fix for stopping them growing in between bricks, I always use white vinegar and salt but it’s an ongoing thing I’m afraid and you will always get weeds growing.”

Jill Green wrote: “Just put vinegar on them works really well.”

Chris Thompson commented: “I saw on here a mixture of white vinegar, salt and washing up liquid works and is environmentally safe.”

Carol Watson suggested: “Use boiling water out of your kettle, pour [it] onto the weeds and it kills them off.”

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