Meditative homeware will be huge this winter – these are our 12 favourite pieces

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Our homes can be the one place where we truly get to relax and leave all the world’s issues at the door – and these 12 calming homeware buys can help create a soothing and serene atmosphere.

Having a space at home where you can truly relax is incredibly important. Whether you live on your own or with numerous others, being able to find some peace and quiet that allows you to reflect, regroup and relax is key – and there are a few homeware buys that can help elevate your experience.

Meditative homeware – decor that can help create a relaxing and meditative space – is sure to be something on our minds this winter as we approach the darker and colder months and feel the need to carve out some time to relax even more than we did before.

From weighted blankets to meditation benches, these thoughtful homeware buys will help create the atmosphere you desire this winter.

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  • Mango meditation pillow

    Relaxing homeware: Mango meditation pillow

    Adjust your body with this meditation pillow from Mango.

    Created with technical fabrics that adapt to the body and allow freedom of movement, this pillow is perfect for those on the move and need help maintaining their posture when meditating or following rigorous activities.

    Shop Mango meditation pillow, £29.99


  • Plumo meditation bench

    Relaxing homeware: Plumo meditation bench

    For beginners and avid meditators, this bench will help you along your journey while supporting your body and improving your posture.

    Shop Plumo meditation bench, £139


  • Eve Sleep the Morphée sleep aid

    Relaxing homeware: Eve Sleep the Morphée sleep aid

    Unwind with this Morphée sleep aid, which can help you feel as relaxed as a plate of jelly and ease you into a peaceful night’s sleep.

    Shop Eve Sleep Morphée sleep aid, £79


  • Anthropologie positive vibes mug

    Relaxing homeware: Anthropologie positive vibes mug

    Nothing says ‘relax’ like a cup of tea – and when it comes to this Anthropologie positive vibes mug, you’ve got no choice but to give in, thanks to the stunning sun motif that is sure to put a smile on your face.

    Shop Anthropologie positive vibes mug, £12


  • Nkuku ngolo tealight

    Relaxing homeware: Nkuku ngolo tealight

    Creating the ultimate chilled atmosphere isn’t complete without the right lighting, and these Nkuku tealights are the perfect addition to your space: smoky hues, lit by candlelight to produce a soft, atmospheric light.

    Shop Nkuku ngolo tealight, £26.50 


  • JD Williams opulence round floor cushion

    Relaxing homeware: JD Williams opulence round floor cushion

    Ditch your sofa for this floor cushion which is both practical and stylish and will look and feel great in any room.

    Shop JD Williams opulence round floor cushion, £39


  • Graham and Green ceramic incense holder

    Relaxing homeware: Graham and Green ceramic incense holder

    Incense lovers are sure to appreciate this ceramic holder thanks to its rustic charm, complete with 20 sandalwood and frangipani incense sticks, all stored inside a natural cotton bag.

    Shop Graham and Green ceramic incense holder, £15.95


  • Perch and Parrow mervis natural patterned pouffe

    Relaxing homeware: Perch and Parrow mervis natural patterned pouffe

    If you feel like putting your feet up at the end of a long day, this patterned pouffe will do the job and add a simple touch to your living room.

    Shop mervis natural patterned pouffe, £110


  • Rituals the perfume genie 2.0

    Relaxing homeware: Rituals the perfume genie 2.0

    Scent is another important factor when it comes to creating a peaceful environment and this Rituals perfume genie will help do just that. All you have to do is choose a relaxing scent and perfume your home whenever you like, for up to 35 uses.

    Shop the perfume genie 2.0, £99


  • weighted blankets

    Relaxing homeware: weighted blankets

    Weighted blankets have the ability to aid in relaxation and reduce anxiety, making this a worthy purchase to help you unwind this winter.

    Shop weighted blanket, £49


  • Wayfair hollowfibre 13.5 tog duvet

    Relaxing homeware: Wayfair hollowfibre 13.5 tog duvet

    This comforter will provide comfort and warmth during the winter months, keeping you warm, cosy and oh-so relaxed.

    Shop Wayfair hollowfibre 13.5 tog duvet at UFurnish, £25.08


  • Relaxing homeware: Grace and Grey candle holder ring

    Light your candles and place them in this strikingly unique candle holder from Grace and Grey. Featuring four rings that are twisted together and that can accommodate four candles, this holder will be an exciting addition to any room.

    Shop Grace and Grey candle holder ring, £71


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