‘Main reason’ cats poop in your garden – natural ‘repellent’ stops them for good

Cats can make the perfect pet as they’re cute and cuddly and don’t require as much attention as dogs.

However, if you have a cat that’s free to roam around during the day, you may have noticed it’s started to use your garden as a toilet.

While this may not seem serious, cat faeces can be harmful to humans as it can transmit toxoplasma to people and can contaminate the soil which is especially frustrating for those with vegetable patches.

Cats will often poop in gardens where there’s lots of loose, dry earth, mulch and compost which is similar to cat litter.

However, cat expert, Paul Trott from Catit has shared the “main reason” cats may be entering your garden and how to deter them.

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Gardening expert gives tips on deterring pets and pests

He explained to Express.co.uk: “The main reason that cats go into a garden is to mark it as their territory over another cat that is in the area or simply out of curiosity.

“To stop other cats entering your garden, you can cover certain areas of your garden with chicken wire and keeping lids tightly on your bins means it is less enticing for cats who are hungry or like to rummage around.

“Cats dislike orange and lemon peel so popping this down on the ground means they have to walk around it as they don’t like the touch of it on their paws.

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“Citrus scents can be used in sprays as well for a repellent.”

Paul also shared his advice for cat owners whose cats are pooping in their own gardens.

If you have an indoor cat that is free to wander every so often then the reason they’re using your garden as a litter tray could be because they are scared and are not used to being left to their own devices.

Cat owners need to teach their cats to come back in when they need the toilet so they use their litter tray.

Paul added: “It’s a good idea to encourage your cat to use their litter tray by having a hooded litter box to provide privacy and using a good quality litter, along with regular litter scooping to keep the tray hygienic.”

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