‘Killed all of mine’: Mrs Hinch fans use white vinegar to remove weeds between stones

Gardening expert demonstrates how to get rid of weeds

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Cleaning extraordinaire Mrs Hinch is also known for sharing her lifestyle and gardening hacks. The cleaning influencer, whose full name is Sophie Hinchliffe, often shares gardening, cleaning and DIY content on her Instagram account which has more than 4.4 million followers. Now, fans of hers have created their own groups dedicated to sharing cleaning and gardening tips, which includes how to get rid of garden weeds.

Posting on Mrs Hinch Gardening Tips Facebook page, one woman asked for advice on whether white vinegar was a good solution for killing weeds.

Gladys Lynn Siddens wrote: “Is white vinegar good for killing weeds that grow between pebbles and stones on the drive?”

Weeds in the driveway and sidewalks are not an uncommon sight — though they are unsightly. 

Apart from being an eyesore, weeds can be difficult to eliminate permanently as they continuously reappear if not removed properly.

Getting rid of weeds is a common home maintenance task people have to deal with all-year-round, especially in spring and summer.

Luckily Mrs Hinch fans have shared how to eliminate the plants using white vinegar.

Angela Pugmire said: “Cover the area with white vinegar and leave for a couple of minutes. I did my block paving and had no weeds since.

“Don’t get it on the grass or plants though as it’ll end up killing them.”

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Stuart Egerton suggested: “Distilled white vinegar on its own will only kill annual weeds. Then a carrier is needed like washing up liquid. Now this concoction will kill both annual and perennial weeds.”

Ann Petch wrote: “I found that using white vinegar is the most effective method to get rid of weeds as it killed all of mine.”

Richard Boton said: “The only way I’ve found is to spray the weeds with white vinegar and make sure to top it up if it has been raining.”

Helen Cook advised: “Use white vinegar, its works great on mine use buy a big bottle cheap in Asda and spray all over.”

Other Mrs Hinch fans suggested pairing the liquid with washing up liquid.

Caroline Bowman wrote: “I use white vinegar and a good squirt of washing up liquid. Put in a spray bottle and spray on the weeds this stops weeds coming back.”

Alison Beckett agreed: “White vinegar and washing up liquid is the perfect combination to get rid of garden weeds.”

Becky Taylor commented: “I’ve tried white vinegar and washing up liquid after reading it on here as my drive looked awful. It’s brilliant!”

Chasing up liquid, vinegar and a spray bottle are all gardeners need for making their own weed killer. 

The acetic acid in vinegar sucks out the water from the weed, which dries it up. 

The washing up liquid helps to break down the outer coat of the plant, which helps that vinegar to work best.

White vinegar can be picked up from Asda for only 29p.

Washing up liquid can also be picked up from Asda for 45p.

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