Joanna Gaines' Love for Husband Chip's 'Dorkiest' Accessory Is Relationship Goals

Chip Gaines‘s one statement accessory is the “dorkiest” thing about him, according to his wife, Joanna.

The Fixer Upper contractor may be spotted most days donning work boots and a Magnolia Farms hat as he renovates houses for the couple’s company, but his off-duty outfit comes with one notable addition.

“Honestly on the weekends, Chip really does wear this set of binoculars. It’s like harnessed on his chest,” Joanna, who just welcomed their fifth child, a boy named Crew, reveals in an interview with KMOV. “It’s the dorkiest thing, but I love it.”

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The HGTV stars’ four older kids — Drake, 13, Ella, 11, Duke, 10, and Emmie Kay, 8 — like the promise of adventure their dad’s binoculars represent when they hit the road as a family, Joanna says.

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“He will be driving in his truck, and whether it’s a road trip or it’s on our way out into the country, he will always stop if he sees anything,” Joanna explains. “Whether it’s trash and he thinks it’s a deer, or if he sees a raccoon or a coyote, he always pulls over and all the kids go, ‘Ooh dad’s found something.’” And I am always like, ‘Chip, let’s get there. We gotta go. But he always stops and pulls out his binoculars.”

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Chip may not possess his wife’s enviable sense of style, but his weekend hardware does represent what she says she loves most about him: his adventurous spirit.

“I think what I love is that is authentically who he is. He’s a discoverer. He’s an explorer, and I think, I’m thankful for that.”

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