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Jeff Lewis Reveals the Real Reason He's Mad at Ex-Friend Jenni Pulos: 'I Think She Regrets It'

When Jeff Lewis and Jenni Pulos had a fight that ended their nearly 20-year friendship, he says, the one thing that hurt the most is that she went to his bosses instead of coming to him.

During a recent interview on SiriusXM radio’s Jenny McCarthy Show, the star of Flipping Out explained, “She went to our bosses and got me in some trouble, and that was unnecessary because it’s something that we could have worked out on our own.”

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On September 6, PEOPLE exclusively reported that according to several sources, Lewis and Pulos had an explosive show down, which was reportedly captured on video and will feature in the current 11th season of the show. Lewis confirmed their falling out the next day and addressed the controversy on his radio show, Jeff Lewis Live, adding that the pair had allegedly been faking their working relationship for years and hadn’t spoken in three months following the rift.

Lewis claimed at the time that he and Pulos later made peace over lunch, deciding to do away with their fake assistant-boss relationship on the show and agreeing that Pulos should transition to a “friend” role. Following that lunch, Lewis claims, Pulos filed a complaint against him with Bravo and the show’s production company, Authentic Entertainment, for “abuse and victimization” and later for “wrongful termination.”

“Her making this claim, it put my entire career in jeopardy. My family, my livelihood, everything,” Lewis said at the time.

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On Thursday, however, he told McCarthy that watching the current season is making him miss Pulos, and, he says, he’s open to having a conversation with her if she would reach out to him.

“I love Jenni,” Lewis said. “So I put myself in her place, and I just think that truly it was an emotional, knee-jerk, not planned reaction and I honestly think she regrets it,” he added of their blow-up. “What I would love right now, which would help a lot with the healing process . . . call me, Jenni. Call me. Tell me what you were thinking. Apologize. Let’s talk about this. I don’t want to be upset.”

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Lewis even admits that he would consider apologizing to Pulos for his own “missteps” in their relationship.

“I am willing to look at my role in things. I contributed in things getting to that point,” Lewis said. “So absolutely I would admit what I did wrong. Sometimes it takes me a minute, sometimes it takes me a couple of days, but I will show up and I will apologize. I am accountable. I will be accountable. The problem is I’m not wrong very often. But when I am, I will own it.”

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