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Inside The Voice Contestant and Rising Country Star RaeLynn's 'Bohemian Western' Music Room

RaeLynn is so obsessed with her newly redecorated music room, she can’t pick a favorite spot to be.

“There are so many cute places to sit,” the country star tells PEOPLE. “I literally get my coffee and I feel like I have to sit in each seat every morning for five minutes.”

The Voice alum partnered with HomeGoods to make over the space in her Nashville home, which she says was “basic” and didn’t get her creativity flowing. Working with the retailer, she traded in muted colors for bright, eclectic pieces that showcase her self-described “Bohemian Western vibe,” including a bright blue swivel chair, patterned throw pillows, green floral armchairs and a furry pink piano bench.

“I love when you can look at five different things at one time and each little piece of the room tells a story,” RaeLynn says.

Many of the pieces in the room have a personal story and connection to RaeLynn’s life and budding music career. Because the room is meant to inspire her writing sessions, the “Queens Don’t” singer hung her favorite Dolly Parton records in shadow boxes on the wall, and even created a mini Dolly Parton tribute section on a shelf next to her record player.

“She inspires me in so many ways,” RaeLynn says of her musical idol. “And now I finally have a home for my record player, which was on this janky coffee table before. It finally looks good!”

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The two centerpieces of the room are her three guitars hung on the wall (one of which was a gift from her former coach on The Voice, Blake Shelton) and her grandmother’s off-white piano.

“That incredible instrument has so much love in it,” RaeLynn says. “My sister grew up learning how to play piano on it. My Meemaw played piano on it. The love that surrounds that piano — and to have it have its own little area and in my home — it’s super amazing. I play it every single day and there’s never a time that I am not thankful for where I’m at and how much my grandmother means to me.”

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Although the “Tailgate” singer says she’s super excited to begin having writing sessions in her new space, especially with country powerhouse duo Florida Georgia Line, with whom she’s been collaborating recently, she admits the space isn’t only her oasis.

She also wanted to make it a sanctuary for her husband, Josh Davis. She says, Davis, who is in the military, has never really cared how she decorated the house “as long as it smells good,” but she and the HomeGoods team wanted to be sure the space didn’t feel too feminine. They added in more masculine textures like alligator skin boxes and a dark wood bookcase to balance out the floral patterns and faux fur.

In decorating, she also had to consider her two dogs, Jazz, a German shepherd, and Dolly, a chihuahua, but admits she didn’t really dog-proof any of the furniture because her whole home is dog-friendly.

“There are so many textures that we brought in that I love, but it’s literally like Where’s Waldo? with my Chihuahua,” RaeLynn says. “She’s blonde and I can never find her.”

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HomeGoods also helped her achieve a nice flow from her music room into the rest of the house, adding dining chairs and a new coffee table in her living room to elevate the space. But, she says, her music room will forever serve as a place of inspiration.

“I feel like when you walk in and you see the music room, you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, this is where somebody who loves to create and has a very colorful personality lives,’” RaeLynn says. “Every time I walk in I get excited because I love to be home.”

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