Ikea shares a first look at its new collection designed to reduce stress and anxiety

The collection will launch in the UK August 2022.

The right home accessory can really make a difference to your space.

Whether it’s an aroma lamp, scented candle, cosy throw or vibrant accessories, having pieces that uplift your spirits or help you unwind is vital – and Ikea has put wellness at the heart of its newest collection.

The Swedish retailer is launching the Vårdande collection in partnership with five social businesses in Bangladesh, Thailand, India and Vietnam.

The collection is all about finding a space to “breathe deeply and pause” and includes a range of textile products from yoga mats, blankets, bowls and plant pots.

Ikea Vårdande collection

“With Vårdande, we want to offer many people a chance to relax and find inner strength,” says Lena Sörmon, business leader of Ikea Social Entrepreneurship.

“It contains a range of products to help create small changes with significant impacts – both for themselves and those who made them.

The word ‘Vårdande ’ in Swedish means ‘caring’, and the products in the collection are inspired by traditions that help to reduce stress and anxieties while utilising materials that were sourced locally, like banana fibres, clay and jute close to where some of the social business partners are located.”

Sarah Fager, designer at Ikea of Sweden, says: “Vårdande is a result of the ambition to create job and economic opportunities for those who need them the most. By collaborating with social businesses in a number of countries, all of which employ people who have difficulty finding a job in the labour market, we hope that the collection plays a role in helping to improve lives in those local communities. 

Ikea Vårdande collection

“Meanwhile, we’re so pleased to be bringing the collection’s focus on wellbeing and intricate craftsmanship to Ikea customers in the UK.”

The collection will be available in stores across the UK from August 2022.

Images: Ikea

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