How to upcycle your garden furniture: The six easy transformations

Your Garden Made Perfect: Experts re-design shady space

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Spring is nearly here and we’re about to be spending much more time in our gardens. After a harsh winter, your garden furniture has probably taken a beating. chatted to the team at WeThrift to find out the six ways you can transform your old furniture to brighten up your garden.

Decorate plant pots

If you’ve got a lot of plants, a huge chunk of your garden floor space or walls is probably taken up with pots.

Decorating your plant pots is a perfect and affordable way to add colour and style to the space and make your precious plants stand out.

All you need to do is dust off the soil and give the pots a thorough clean with soap and water.

Once they’re dry, paint them with garden paint in colours that compliment your furniture and plants.

If you’re a plant-newbie, why not make your own pots out of any old tins that you’d normally recycle?

The team at WeThrift instructed: “Remove any labels and pop holes into the bottom of the tins so that the water can escape.

“Then, fill the tins with soil and plant your flowers – choose different colours, shapes and sizes of tins to add definition to your garden.”

Add a garden mirror

If you have a mirror in your home that you want to get rid of, don’t!

Bring the mirror outside to give your garden a stylish look and a sense of airiness.

The experts said: “Just like adding your indoor cushions to give the garden an outdoor living space feel, a mirror adds character and a homely feel to your garden.

“Mirrors reflect sunlight in your garden and give the illusion of a bigger space.”

If you don’t have a mirror but love the idea, you can source one second-hand from a car boot sale or charity shop.

Utilise old storage

If you’ve got any old storage that is no longer serving its purpose, could you use it outdoors?

Whether it’s an old bookshelf or drawers, adding storage to your garden is a quirky and fun way to upcycle.

You can use Facebook Marketplace or other reselling sites to find cheap, secondhand items to decorate for your garden if you don’t have any.

The experts advised: “You can use each drawer or shelf to store any of your favourite planting tools or use it to plant fruits and vegetables. This is a very retro and unique way to reuse any old items.”

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Wooden ladder

What on earth would you want a wooden ladder in the garden for? Well, ladders are
a trendy way to display your favourite plants.

The experts suggested: Add a splash of paint for a vibrant look or leave the ladders as they are for a rustic, natural feel instead.

“This upcycle feature is perfect if you don’t have a lot of space to work with, as you can use the ladder to store plant pots and decorative features.

“Make sure your ladder or steps are secure to the wall it is leaning against, as this prevents any spillage or mess amid weather changes.

“You could paint your ladder or steps in a dark colour so that your bright colour plants can stand out.”

Old sink

It might sound strange, but upcycling an old sink is a really smart decision.

According to the experts, ceramic sinks especially look great as they add a vintage feel to your outdoor space.

They explained: “Fortunately, drainage is already built-in, so you won’t need to worry about drilling holes into your sink for your plants.

“Place stones at the bottom of your sink to allow an even amount of drainage, then fill it with compost and plant an array of bedding plants to make sure the garden is awash with colour.”

Pallet wall

Displaying your plants on a pallet wall can be a great way to elevate your garden.

To do this you’ll need to find a used pallet or cot base first.

Once you have this, you can paint this in your desired colour and then hang your plants and be really creative with it.

In fact, one popular TikTok video by @austinottone showed the user spray painting a pallet in black, adding a seating section with cushions and a blanket, and then decorating it with hanging plants.

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