‘Homemade’ spray that ‘work’ to stop squirrels destroying your garden

Squirrels are naturally curious creatures, and digging is a natural behaviour. Ultimately squirrels are searching for food. While they are not picky eaters, a squirrel’s favourite food is nuts.

Most likely a squirrel is digging to find the acorns that have fallen to the ground and that they buried themselves during autumn.

When gardeners plant in the ground, it is a signal to them that there might be food below.

Squirrels are very good at digging up plants so Amber Noyes, garden expert and editor of Gardening Chores has shared some of the best ways to keep these pests out of gardens.

She claims to have dealt with a fair share of squirrels invading her “beautifully arranged” and tended garden, saying “they’re incredibly cute, but deadly” for certain plants.

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Makes sure bird feeders are not accessible to them

Amber suggested gardeners can “make their garden less fun” for squirrels by removing bird feeders or choosing squirrel-proof ones.

Gardeners can either hang them up somewhere high and out of reach for squirrels or try using a spinning hook to hang bird feeders. 

The motion is a major deterrent and is one of many ways to keep squirrels out of bird feeders. Gardeners can find a spinning hook at DIY stores or online.

It’s important to note that this method should not pose a risk to squirrels. Its goal is to make it hard for squirrels to access the bird feeder. 

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Use a homemade natural spray to repel squirrels

The gardening pro noted that another idea is using “natural deterrents like pepper spray or a homemade mix of hot sauce and water”. 

She explained: “I once had this stubborn squirrel that kept digging up my tulip bulbs. So, I mixed a little hot sauce with water and sprayed it around the bulbs, and it worked like a charm.”

Gardeners should just be careful not to overdo it because some plants might be sensitive to heat.

Hot sauce is available to purchase from all local supermarkets such as Tesco, Asda and Ocado for 60p.

Scented plants

As squirrels are not big fans of “strong-smelling herbs and flowers”, try planting things like garlic, mint, or marigolds around the garden. 

Amber said: “These plants help keep squirrels away and do wonders for your garden’s health.”

Try physical barriers

Physical barriers like chicken wire or hardware cloth can be effective to protect garden plants. The gardening guru explained: “I had this small veggie patch once that squirrels just couldn’t resist. 

“To fix the problem, I made a simple frame using wooden stakes and wrapped it with chicken wire. It kept the squirrels out and my veggies safe.”

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