Home and Away’s Lynne McGranger teases Bella’s troubles aren’t over yet

Shocking scenes have recently aired in Home and Away, where fans watched Bella and Tommy’s online relationship come to a head in a disturbing encounter. With everyone out of the house at Jasmine and Robbo’s wedding, Bella has no way of getting help when Tommy begins to behave strangely, and her worst fears are realised when he forces himself on her.

Sheer luck led to Irene leaving the wedding early and entering the house to find Tommy on top of Bella, which caused her to take swift action. But after flying into a rage and bludgeoning Tommy with a champagne bottle when he tried to leave, Bella is forced to take control of the situation.

Speaking to metro.co.uk, Lynne McGranger, who plays Irene, admitted that a shift takes place where Bella plays the parent role and Irene becomes much younger. ‘Because of Bella’s past, because she witnessed stuff with her own father, she knows about Colby, her brother [murdering Ross], she’s got that side of her. She’s 16 going on 40 – and Irene becomes a teenager, as the worst thing she’s had to deal with is her own alcohol addiction. Bella takes over, knows what to do and how to behave, and convinces Irene not to go to the police.’

In the aftermath of the attack, Bella gets Irene to dump Tommy’s belongings and leave him outside the hospital, then encourages her to keep up appearances and act normally, so nobody asks questions. But this all proves too much for Irene. Lynne continued: ‘In the end, Irene says ‘they’re [the police] coming for us, we have to do what we should have done from day one [and hand ourselves in].’ It’s a long storyline, it’s not over yet.’

Both women have clearly been through a lot – so will things become happier for either of them any time soon? Lynne teased: ‘Things settle down for Irene, but not necessarily Bella. She’s got a lot of mountains to climb yet, that’s for sure.’

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