Home and Away spoilers: Chaos as Dean discovers Mackenzie and Colby having sex

Dean (Patrick O’Connor) has recently been subject to blackmail from his father, Rick Booth (Mark Lee), which resulted in Rick telling him that he was to cut off contact with his sister, Mackenzie (Emily Weir). Meanwhile, Mackenzie and Colby (Tim Franklin) have been seeing each other in secret, worried about what Dean would make of the situation.

When Mackenzie runs into Dean on the beach, she doesn’t know what to do when he brushes her off. She questions why there’s still a rift between them when Colby shows up later on, but he doesn’t want to get involved. He says they need to tread carefully due to their own secret relationship. They then make plans to meet up later on.

Ziggy (Sophie Dillman) approaches Mackenzie to explain why Dean brushed her off, saying that Rick made him promise to cut her off. However, Mackenzie has been wanting to explain that her relationship with Rick has been repaired and those rules no longer apply.

When Dean finds out, he finds it hard to believe that Mackenzie would just give up on her plans to take down Rick. However, Ziggy says that she seems to genuinely want to move on. Dean is left torn about whether he should try and form a relationship with his sister. Ziggy suggests that he call Colby for advice, but Colby is busy at Mackenzie’s place…

Dean waits around at Salt, waiting to see if Mackenzie will show up. Ziggy suggests he call her, but Dean wants to talk to her in person. Ziggy persuades him to get her address from a staff member and he drives over.

When he gets there, he sees Colby’s police cruiser in the driveway and is stunned when a half dressed Mackenzie answers the door in Colby’s police shirt. He storms inside, looking for Colby, who scrambles to put his pants on. Any hope of Dean getting to know Mackenzie – or trusting Colby – is shattered as he takes off…

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