Gardening: Expert shares the exact date to buy garden furniture – how to avoid ‘shortages’

Gardening: Georgina Burnett gives tips for furniture makeover

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Garden furniture is a great addition to any outdoor spaces, making them the places to enjoy for as long as the weather allows. It may only be January, but many are already looking forward to spring and summer this year. Those looking to make the most of their time spent outside, garden furniture is a must. Over the past two years, there has been a huge surge in demand for garden furniture during warmer months, leaving many on waiting lists for the perfect garden set or completely without.

Ryan Schwarze, garden furniture expert at Luxury Rattan has revealed the exact date to snap up a deal.

In 2020, Google searches for ‘garden furniture’ peaked on the 24th of May and in 2021it was even earlier on the 28th of March.

So to ensure you can get your hands on the perfect outdoor furniture for your home you need to start thinking about it at the beginning of the year, according to Ryan.

He shared when demand for Garden furniture will increase.

He said: “To avoid the mad rush that starts during spring, we would suggest buying, or looking to buy your garden furniture and accessories on the 7th February, as this is when we first begin to see demand increase.”

Buying furniture on this date allows you to choose exactly what you want, says Ryan.

He added: “Securing your furniture on this date means you’ll usually be able to get exactly what you want, instead of opting for what’s left and it allows for plenty of time for delivery ahead of peak dates.

“With your garden furniture ordered you can start to prepare your seating area, think about adding other accessories such as an outdoor carpet or fire pit before making a start on the rest of your garden maintenance tasks ahead of the sunshine – meaning you’ll have more time to relax later!”

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When buying garden furniture, it’s important to know how to care for it.

Garden furniture should be cleaned on a regular basis to maintain it’s health.

Experts at All Round fun have shared their best ways to clean and protect outdoor furniture, helping it to stay fresh in the winter and look beautiful for when spring and summer rolls around. 

They said: “Durable and often more affordable than other materials, wooden furniture is a popular choice for gardens. 

“As it’s a natural product, it’s also more susceptible to weather damage.”

All Round Fun garden experts explained how to clean garden furniture.

They said: “Give your wooden garden furniture a gentle scrub with warm soapy water. 

“This will lift off any dirt and grime that’s accumulated since it’s been outside.”

Opt for a sponge or stiff brush if where possible, as a fabric cloth may snag on loose grains, according to experts.

They added: “Some wood furniture, like teak, can even take a rinse with a pressure washer. 

“Always check what wood yours is made from though, as the water may lift the grain of other types.”

Once cleaned, the garden furniture should be gently sanded.

The experts stressed the importance of letting garden furniture dry before sanding.

They said: “If your furniture needs a deeper clean, allow it to completely dry out after washing before giving it a once-over with light sandpaper. 

“This will help to get rid of any deep-rooted stains and scuffs.”

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