Garden storage ideas – 7 budget hacks to keep clutter out of your garden

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A garden shed is one of the most practical storage solutions for your outdoor space but it can quickly become cluttered without proper organisation. Furniture, tools and even small seeds are all at risk of damage if packed away incorrectly, so it’s crucial to get your garden storage right. No matter how big or small your space is, there are plenty of practical yet stylish solutions that can be crafted in just a few simple steps. Here are seven of the best storage ideas to try at home.

Garden trellis as wall storage

Whether you have a free-standing trellis or a mounted fixture, these simple wooden structures can be used for more than just growing climbing plants.

Horizontal wooden slats are perfect for hanging everything from pots, to forks and watering cans – all without taking up any floor space at all.

All you need is a few metal hooks which can be placed onto the wooden bars to secure hanging items.

For an even smarter vertical storage solution, paint the trellis a bold colour or stick to a neutral shade to make it blend in with the rest of your garden.

Maximise shed wall space

If you’re short on space in a small garden or compact shed, wall racks are the easiest way to quickly add extra storage for gardening tools.

Larger items like spades, shovels, rakes and forks can be hung up by the handle to keep tools out of the way while being easily accessible.

Steel racks will work for most spaces, just make sure the material can hold the weight of the items you plan to hang from the hooks.

Foldable garden seating can also be mounted onto a wall rack to free up space both in your garden and the shed.

Repurpose household furniture

Wooden cabinets and chest of drawers can be overhauled with a few coats of paint to make them weather resistant.

New hardware will give it a new look entirely, while a set of wheels will make it easier to transport items around your garden.

Depending on the height of the cabinet, wooden structures can double as a potting bench or even a stylish display for potted plants.

For extra storage, add hooks and racks to stow away small items on the inside or outside of cupboards.

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Add a compact garden store

An overflow of tools and supplies can be stowed away in a compact wooden garden store to prevent clutter from ruining your outdoor space.

These can be purchased for a small fee from garden centres or made yourself from timber cut-offs.

Add hooks onto the doors for safe access to sharp tools and smaller items.

Keeping this close to the house makes it easy to pack items away if the weather takes a turn for the worse.

Use peg-boards

Pegboards are great for handheld tools, offering plenty of storage space to make items even easier to find.

Add to sheds, garage workspaces, or even on exterior walls in sheltered spots.

Labelling tools or marking out designated spots for your tools will make this storage solution even more organised.

Cutlery trays for seed storage

If you’re looking for ways to organise seeds and bulbs, look no further than your kitchen.

Cutlery trays can be labelled up and repurposed as seed trays and bulb containers – just make sure you have a cool, dry space to store the tray.
A shed or outdoor cabinet will do.

Use mason jars for budget storage

Glass jars can be recycled as storage pots for the underside of garden shelving.

For a quick budget solution, screw or glue the lid to the underside of cabinets or shelves so that the jar can be easily secured back onto the lid.

This allows extra space for seeds, screws, nails and other smaller items you may need in the garden.

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