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From the Tanner Family's Townhouse to the American Horror Story Mansion: 10 Famous Movie and TV Houses You Can Actually Own

Dean Koenig owned the home, where Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart) lived with her father, for 16 years. But in August 2018, he decided it was time to move on. Now he’s hoping he can pass along the home to a true Twilight super fan after he listed it for $350,000.

“If you’re a fan, this place is the one spot that [you] can directly connect with an actual physical part of the movie,” Koenig told PEOPLE. “Actors age. They change. They take on different roles. This house will always be as you saw it in the movie. So when people come here they actually can connect to that world and that world becomes a little more real to them.”

After some drama over a potential demolition (and a failed purchase attempt by Lance Bass) the iconic house that served as the exterior of the Brady home in the beloved sitcom was purchased by HGTV. “I am excited to share that HGTV is the winning bidder and will restore the Brady Bunch home to its 1970s glory as only HGTV can,” Discovery Inc. CEO David Zaslav said after they purchased the home for $3.5 million—nearly double the asking price of $1.85 million. 

This one-of-a-kind house has been on the big screen more than 80 times, including as the set for the Harrison Ford sci-fi flick. Dubbed the Ennis House after it was designed by legendary architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the 4-bedroom, 3-bath abode hit the market in July 2018 with a hefty price tag of $23 million.

No online swap or bad breakups were required to purchase the house that served as the exterior of Cameron Diaz’s California mansion in this film. Listed in May 2018 for $11.8 million, the picturesque home features a private entryway, a massive kitchen with hand-painted tiles, and a star-worthy backyard.

This yellow 5-bedroom home in Tacoma, Washington, will give you serious ’90s nostalgia. Listed in March 2018 for $1.6 million, the abode’s exterior and interior were used for filming the teen rom-com

The picture-perfect Italian villa featured in this Oscar-nomiated film was listed in February 2018 for $2.15 million. The historic estate served as the home of Elio Perlman (Timothee Chalamet) and his family, and is the setting for the teenager’s love affair with his father’s research assistant, Oliver (Armie Hammer).

The Dursley’s home, where the famous wizard lived in the cupboard under the stairs hit the market in September 2016 for $619,000. Although it’s not actually on a street called Privet Drive, and there are likely no owls waiting to deliver your Hogwarts letter, it’s still a magical listing for Potterheads.

The quaint two-bedroom, two-bathroom abode that served as the facade of the Matthews family home in the hit ’90s tv show was listed in November 2016 for $1.595 million. Unfortunately, Mr. Feeny isn’t included as a next door neighbor.

The two-story San Francisco abode that served as the exterior facade of the Tanner family home was actually up for rent on Craigslist before it was listed for sale in September 2016. In December of that same year, the home sold for $4 million to Full House executive producer Jeff Franklin, who restored its TV look—red door and all. “It will be a lot more fun for the fans because now the house will look like the Tanners really live there,” Franklin said in 2016. “It’s a gift to the fans but it’s also fun for me to own it.”

Would you live in murder house? The Rosenheim Mansion was featured in the FX show’s first season, but the homeowners who purchased the property for $3.2 million in 2014 are living a real-life nightmare. The couple is suing their realtor because they’re reportedly tormented by trespassers daily, citing hundreds of fans who attempt to enter their home and take photos in the yard.

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