Four ‘effective’ ways to deter pigeons from your garden – ‘they stop coming back!’

Gardening expert gives tips on deterring pets and pests

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Pigeons, like most pests, require a safe environment with consistent availability of food to survive. Since they prefer to live in flocks, they will most likely build multiple nests to discover a reliable food supply. They aren’t very fussy eaters, which makes getting rid of them challenging. Pigeons are harmless, but they may do significant property damage as well as transmit disease-carrying mites and ticks into your house.

Gardening experts at 247 Pest Control have shed their top tips for banishing gardens of pigeons once and for all.

Use sound

One of the first ways suggested to deter these pests is to use sound as this will “scare” them away.

The experts said: “Sounds can prove to be one of the most effective ways to keep birds away. 

“You will need to invest some money to do it the right way but it will be worth it. There are a number of sounds that can do the trick.

“Audible repellers produce frightening bird sounds that scare pigeons and other birds.”

There are different sounds – distressed cries of birds, shrieks of predator birds. The devices can be bought in most gardening stores.

Ultrasonic repellers emit high-frequency sounds that people cannot hear can also be used – the sounds are at a specific frequency targeted at birds.

Spicy pigeon repellent 

Pigeons, like other birds, absolutely despise spices.

This makes it “a fantastic natural repellent for all kinds of birds”, according to the experts.

Pepper powder can be used to repel pigeons from your balcony and roof.

Sprinkle more of it on their roosting places and in other places they may roost. 

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Gardeners can use black pepper, cayenne pepper or cinnamon powder to keep the pigeons off the property. 

However, it will have to be reapplied after rainy or windy days.

Chilli powder is another spicy repellent that can be used to ward off these pests.

The pest experts said: “Throw chilli solution in the birds’ roosting places and watch how they stop coming back. 

“The chilli is also unpleasant to the pigeons and will drive them away from your home.

Honey pigeon repellent 

Surprisingly, using honey is a great way to “repel” pigeons from your outdoor space.

The experts explained: “Applying a thin layer of honey to your roof or balcony will inconvenience birds and they won’t roost there. 

“Honey’s stickiness will keep them away as birds do not like sticky surfaces.”

If gardeners do not have honey, they can use other sticky products as well. 

The pest control pros added: “You may have to reapply the sticky substance from time to time because it will wear off.”

Remove food and water sources

Keeping your property clean from seeds, grains and other food remains is a convenient way to have birds and pigeons skip your home and go to your neighbour’s’ garden. 

The experts said: “This can be done by regularly sweeping floors, keeping your garbage in the garbage can with a closed lid on it.

“Make sure you don’t leave standing water anywhere around your home.

“Removing the nest is essential because you are putting your home at risk of getting infested with bird mites.”

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