Five common gardening mistakes that could ‘harm’ your plants

Garden expert shows off her stunning spring garden

Having both a front and back garden to care for requires lots of maintenance which can be a challenge for even the most experienced gardeners. With summer just around the corner, many gardeners will be getting their outdoor spaces ready for the warmer weather and longer days.

Once summer arrives, the hard work doesn’t stop as maintenance needs to be done.

Now, experts have shared the common gardening mistakes people make that can undo the hard work they put into their gardens.

Sean Lade, gardening expert and director of Easy Garden Irrigation has shared the five common mistakes that could potentially ruin a garden.

1. Overwatering or under-watering

Plants need the right amount of water in order to grow properly which is why it’s “essential” to research and understand the watering needs of each plant.

Under-watering plants can “harm” plants, especially during prolonged hot and dry periods.

Watering routines may need to be altered slightly in order to add more water if necessary during hot weather.

If there is a prolonged wet spell, keep an eye on the plant and decrease the watering if the plants get sufficient water from the heavy rainfall.

2. Soil preparation is crucial

Soil needs to be fertile, free from weeds and have good drainage for the best growth.

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Compost and organic matter can also be added to improve the quality of the soil.

3. Not enough sunlight

Most plants require lots of sunlight to grow properly. Sean said gardeners need to ensure plants get the right amount of sunlight for their needs.

He said: “Choose a location in your garden that receives the appropriate amount of sunlight for the plants you want to grow.

“Most plants need at least six hours of direct sunlight a day, but some may require more or less.

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“If you have trees or shrubs that are casting too much shade on your garden, prune them to allow more sunlight to reach your plants.”

4. Not fertilising

Fertiliser is extremely important for plants as it provides them with the nutrients they need to grow healthily.

A lack of fertilisation can result in “stunted growth” or “poor health”, according to Sean.

He continued: “Choose a fertiliser appropriate for the type of plants you want to grow and the soil conditions in your garden.

“Different plants have different nutrient requirements, so choosing a fertiliser that meets those needs is essential.”

5. Planting at the wrong time

Spring is known as the start of the growing season and is a key time of year for gardeners to get planting and grow crops.

However, planting at the “wrong time” can affect the growth and health of plants. Sean said: “Make sure you plant at the right time, as per the instructions for each plant.

“Creating a planting calendar is worthwhile to ensure you are sowing and planting the right plants at the right time.”

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