‘Easy way’ to remove ‘dirt and grease’ from barbecues – ‘safe’ option

Phillip Schofield recommends his red wine for a barbecue

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With summer and plenty of bank holidays just around the corner, now is the perfect time to clean the barbecue before outdoor socialising begins. In a video for Dri Pak, an expert shared how to clean a barbecue using soda crystals. The caption for the video read: “Soda Crystals offer an easy way to remove dirt, grease and burnt on food from your barbecue and utensils.

“What’s more, they are safe, sustainable and economically priced!”

A clean barbecue helps to preserve the flavours of the food that’s being cooked and eaten.

Cleaning a barbecue will also help prevent against food poisoning.

The experts suggested using soda crystals as an “easy way” to remove “dirt, grease and burnt on food” from barbecues and utensils.

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Soda crystals are a “safe, sustainable and economically priced”.

Dri Pak have shared how to clean a barbecue using soda crystals.

The barbecue needs to be disconnected from the gas supply before cleaning begins.

While the barbecue is still warm, use a cleaning brush to remove any excess food from the grill.

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Once the barbecue has cooled down, safely remove the grills, back try and other components to be washed.

These need to be placed in a large container before soda crystals are sprinkled liberally with soda crystals.

Pour over hot water to cover the parts and leave it to soak.

Next, mix up a strong soda crystal solution in a spray bottle.

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Liberally spray the rest of the barbecue with the soda crystals solution to dissolve grease and burnt on food.

The experts continued: “After two hours, scrub and clean the grills parts and barbecue using a sponge scourer.

“Wipe away any residue on the barbecue and rinse the parts with clean water before reassembling the barbecue.

“Pick up your soda crystals when you’re buying your barbecue food and you’ll be prepared for a whole summer of clean, healthy alfresco dining.

“Soda crystals are one of the most versatile and economical cleaning and laundry products available.”

Wilko Original Soda Crystals cost £1.50.

Dri-Pak Soda Crystals cost 80p from Ocado.

Dri-Pak Soda Crystals are also available from Morrisons for £1.10.

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