‘Easy’ and ‘inexpensive’ methods to get rid of ‘pesky’ garden bugs – including slugs

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Garden pests can ruin hours of hard work in an instant, and it’s not always easy to get rid of them without using chemicals. Experts at GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk have shared “natural” and “inexpensive” ways to get rid of garden bugs.

A spokesperson for GardenBuildingsDirect.co.uk said: “It is inevitable that garden bugs will cause a bit of disruption, whether you’re outside, planting your own veg or growing your own garden.

“This guide is full of some of the most destructive garden bugs and the top tips to help keep these at bay, so the outdoors can be stress-free.”

Slugs and snails are often the most common type of pest seen in UK gardens.

They can ruin tender plants, eat crops and plant crowns.

The experts said: “Not only do they leave a sticky trail behind them, but they also love to munch through leaves and vegetables.

“This can be particularly problematic on vegetable patches if you are growing plants like lettuce and cabbage.

“Salt has always been a foolproof way of killing slugs and snails, but if you want to stop them in their tracks, copper tape acts as a great deterrent, giving them electric shocks.”

Beer traps are also a popular way to stop slugs ruining the garden.

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The gardening experts continued: “Caterpillars love to nibble their way through fruits, vegetables and plants.

“They are also detrimental to some flowers too, with the buds and seeds often all destroyed.

“One of the most natural and inexpensive ways to rid your plants of these pesky bugs is to spray them with hot soapy water.

“This can then be poured into a spray bottle and used as many times as necessary.”

Moths can also be damaging to the garden, especially during the summer months.

They are attracted to cotton and wool fibres.

The experts recommended being aware that leaving outdoor cushions and furniture in the garden could be targeted by moths.

They added: “An easy solution for deterring them is to use herbal sprays in the areas you want to protect.

“Herbs like lavender and rosemary are not loved by these bugs, and they also smell nice too.”

May bugs, usually seen between May and July, can cause “considerable” amounts of damage to gardens, according to the experts.

In their early years they live under the soil and feed off the roots of plants and flowers.

The experts said: “As there are not a lot of homemade options available to keep these bugs away, the best option is to use an insect killer.”

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