Carol Klein: ‘Much better idea’ to sow sweet peas in ‘modules’ this time of year – how to

Gardening expert on how to keep your garden free of weeds

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Gardening expert Carol Klein will be returning to our screens tonight for the first episode of her new six-part series, Spring Gardening with Carol Klein. Filmed from her own cottage garden in Devon, the expert will be showing a variety of different gardening tips, including how to sow sweet peas. The show aims to help new gardeners as well as experienced ones gain skills and inspiration for their own gardens.

Carol will be showing gardeners exactly how to sow sweet peas this spring.

She will also be looking at hellebores as well as introducing a seasonal experiment in intensive vegetable growing.

Sweet peas are known for their gorgeous fragrance and come in shades of white, pink, coral, red, violet and blue.

Pastel shades are especially popular and they are easy to grow in any fertile soil that drains easily.

The expert said: “I could sow these [sweet peas] directly into the soil but it’s not all that warm yet and it’s a much better idea to start them off in modules.

“I’m just pushing each seed down.

“Now, very often when I’m sowing seed, I’ll just sow it on the surface and I’ll cover it just with a layer of grit.

“But with big seeds like sweet peas then you can station sow, in order words you can see exactly where you are placing your seed and you’re sowing it singularly.

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“That’s exactly what I’m doing here. I’m pushing it down a little bit so it will have a little bit of compost over the top of it too.

“As I’m doing this, I’m imagining these little green shoots sprouting up and then putting them outside.”

Carol started by pinching the compost across over the top of the seeds.

She said they’re not buried under it, but instead just under the surface of the compost. 

The gardening expert added: “I just want a little layer of grit to make sure these seedlings won’t rot as they start to come up.

“Normally I’d water these but I’m not going to water them because I soaked the soil before they went in and I don’t want them to be too wet.”

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) said that sweet peas experiencing very wet soil and are prone to powdery mildew.

They also require sunlight to grow, and will not flower well in the shade.

The RHS added: “Feed weekly or fortnightly with a liquid fertiliser and ensure a regular supply of flowers by picking or deadheading.”

Ahead of the show, Carol also shared top tips on preparing for the best spring garden.

She said: “First of all this is the time, before everything really gets cracking, when you’ve got the opportunity not just to spring clean, but to do everything you can to give your plants the chance to grow for you as best as they can, during this growing season from spring right the way through to next spring really.

“This means giving them the best possible conditions, staying on top of weeding, finishing all your cutting back, and so on.

“We actually start the first programme by cutting back the last of our dried up grasses from last year, ready for the new green shoots to come through.

“It’s about getting everything ready, staying on top of your seed sowing, dividing any plants that you can at the last possible minute, so you’ll have more later for free.”

Spring Gardening with Carol Klein starts tonight at 7pm on Channel 5

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