Bring some positive spring vibes to your home with these 5 decor trends

From geometric patterns to cosy maximalist accessories, these homeware trends will give your home the ultimate update this spring.

Spring is finally on the horizon – and I couldn’t be happier.

With delicate flowers starting to bloom and the sun setting later in the day, we’re beginning to see the transition from winter to spring, and the excitement of a new season is officially on the horizon.

One way that helps me to ease into a new season is giving my home an update to reflect that transition in the space I feel the most comfortable.

And with spring merely a few weeks away, I’ve begun to start subtly refreshing my space with a few new seasonal home accessories after clinging onto my weighted blanket and faux fur throws for months.

If you’re also looking to harness those positive spring vibes in your home decor, Lucy Ackroyd, head of design at home textiles brand Christy, has revealed five interior trends for spring 2023 to prepare your home for the new season.

Complementary colours

Colour has always been key when it comes to interior design due to its ability to influence our mood and represent our personal style – and injecting some dopamine-inspired hues into your space could be the way to go this spring.

“Looking towards the colour wheel and decorating with complementary colours in tandem will be a huge trend for the season,” says Ackroyd.

“Pairing colours, such as blue with orange or green with pink, creates vibrant rooms that effortlessly merge together and soothe the soul. Whether that be by painting adjacent walls or layering bedding, the overall effect is harmonious.”     

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Checkerboard and gingham patterns

Take inspiration from a spring picnic in the park by using checkerboard and gingham prints in the home. While the prints have a lot of vintage appeal, you can find them across many different home accessories in an array of bright and beautiful colour combinations.

“Checked patterns are such an easy way to add some personality into a room without it feeling too OTT,” says Ackroyd. “Whether that be in the bedroom, living room or kitchen, each pattern is extremely versatile and achieves a plethora of different effects.”

Ackroyd suggests opting for patterns in fun pastel hues this spring, as a way to acknowledge the season and inject happiness into a space. 

“For a more mature take, you can opt for more sophisticated colours such as dark navy and deep reds,” she says.

Spring homeware trends: cosy maximalism

Cosy maximalism

The desire to feel cosy with layering and atmospheric lighting is not just limited to the colder months. Think of an abundance of plants, cushions and artwork adorning the walls, with the overall desired effect of making a house feel like a home.

“Decorating with colours such as orange, brown and green is very nostalgic and helps to create a warm cocooning effect,” says Ackroyd. “Steer away from white flatpack furniture, and instead, look out for beautiful brown wood and rattan furniture which you can buy for an affordable price second-hand.

“Think about how you layer with cushions and throws, as when it comes to maximalist design the more the merrier. Don’t be afraid to clash patterns as this only adds more character and uniqueness to a room. For lighting, floor and table lamps should be favoured over the ‘big light’ to create ambience.”

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Romcom-core was featured in Pinterest’s recent 2023 prediction report, with the trend expected to take over the fashion world this year. If you want to throw it back to your favourite feelgood romantic comedies, don’t just look at the way you dress – the protagonists’ interior design is also integral to their main character energy.

“To get the look yourself this spring, decorate with sorbet shades such as playful pinks and sunshine yellows,” says Ackroyd. “Ensuring you have fresh flowers on display or soft floral bedding is key, and don’t shy away from frills and lace as they will only enhance the look.”

One way to achieve the romcom-core look is through clustering – a method that includes putting out your favourite things in the corners of your home, such as vintage trinkets, candles, books and photos. “When done correctly it allows your home to tell a story about your personality,” says Ackroyd. 

Spring homeware trends: geometric bathrooms

Geometric bathroom accessories

Our bathrooms can become the most neglected room in the house when it comes to home decor. But there are some subtle ways to give yours a spring update, with geometric patterns – on tiles specifically – being one of them. 

“People are starting to become more adventurous with tiles in their bathrooms, whether that be their shape, colour, or pattern,” says Ackroyd. 

“Fun tiles can add a lot of character to a room and a big trend I expect to see this spring is people matching their towels to their tiles to add even more personality.”

Images: Christy’s

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