9 ways to create the perfect cosy atmosphere at home

With autumn officially here, we breakdown 9 ways to make your home to feel chic and cosy.

There’s nothing like a cosy night in during the cold autumn months. Whether you’re snuggling up at home with a warm blanket and reading a good book or settling down on the sofa to catch up on your latest Netflix binge, creating the right atmosphere is key – and there are a lot of different elements to creating an intimate and relaxed space this winter.

With a few more months of winter left, we want our homes to be weightier and more luxurious than ever and injecting some autumnal energy into your space with home accessories is definitely the way to go.

To get our homes feeling as cosy as possible, Stylist spoke to Sylvia James, an interior designer for Home How, about the best tips and tricks to creating a welcoming home atmosphere, from blankets and throws in earthy hues to LED lamps and rattan accessories.

  • Add scents to your space

    Autumn home decor: Maison MM candle

    Awakening your senses with seasonal candles, diffusers, and room sprays is a great way to bring a cosy vibe to your home to evoke warmth and comfort.

    “Deck your living room out with rich scents that create a cosy atmosphere,” says James.

    “Trendy mason jar candles with scents of ginger, pumpkin pie, cinnamon, and cedarwood complete the ultimate autumn vibe.”

    One candle we’re loving right now is Maison MM zodiac candles, which are hand-poured natural wax made with a blend of rapeseed, soya, coconut and beeswax.

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  • Refresh your home with warm hues

    Autumn home decor: Soho Home Monroe velvet cushion

    Summer often inspires us to embrace punchy bold colours and patterns to brighten our space –but for winter, it’s all about warm hues on walls and furniture, which James says can “make a big difference to your colour palette”.

    “Fiery reds paired with comforting oranges will create a warm glow to your ambience whereas a gold trim on your fireplace will work well with dark flooring,” she adds.

    “Mirroring the colours outside, and inside, will provide you with ultimate comfort.”

    Shop Soho Home Monroe velvet cushion at Selfridges, £70


  • Pick ambient lighting

    Autumn home decor: Lampsy Alton pendant

    Winter equals longer nights, which means it’s time to be strategic with lighting –and keeping your lighting low will definitely help create a calm feel.

    “Change to warmer LED bulbs and place more floor and table lights around your living room” James advises. “If you have a fireplace, make this your primary light source for cold evenings. 

    “If you have a small niche in your living room, you can transform it into a snug area. Insert a small bench, cover in throws and cushions, and add a mini pendant light.”

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  • Cosy up with blankets and throws

    Graham and Green Bottle Green Throw

    “Texture and patterns are key when it comes infusing autumn decor,” says James. “Texture provides a bold contrast against warming hues of mustard and deep orange and blankets and throws will keep you warm indoors.

    From earthy greens to muted reds, blankets are a great way to switch up the seasons in your living room. 

    James recommends throwing a thick blanket over an armchair or sofa, and pairing it with decorative pillows.

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  • Bring rattan indoors

    Zita rattan side table

    Rattan is a trend we’ve seen flourish this year, particularly among garden furniture. But according to James, this trend doesn’t seem to be going anywhere and is worth bringing indoors.

    “Woven natural furnishings have stormed popularity,” she says. “It can be used on furniture, lighting, or tabletop accessories for a comforting addition to your living room this autumn.”

    Shop Zita rattan side table at Tikamoon, £89


  • Warm up your space with rugs

    Cosy homeware: La Redoute Livio rug

    There’s nothing like feeling a soft rug in between your toes – and they make for the perfect addition to add warmth and cosiness to any space, like this La Redoute Livio rug. 

    Shop La Redoute Livio rug, £147


  • Add plants and flowers to your space

    Cosy homeware: Patch Plants Howard

    Breathe life into your space with fresh flowers and plants, which can help provide a sense of peace in your home.

    Shop Patch Plants Howard, £40.00


  • Add a cool mirror to your space

    Autumn home decor: H&M Home H&M Home asymmetric mirror

    Mirrors give the illusion that a room is larger than it is and can add dimension to smaller and larger spaces. Go for one of these subtle statement wavy mirrors from H&M Home for a cool and cosy addition to your space.

    Shop H&M Home asymmetric mirror, £39.99


  • Incorporate more calming colours into your home

    Cosy homeware: Lust Home keep on rollin’ wallpaper

    The colours you surround yourself with can have a massive impact on your mental health – so why not add more calming and warm colours to your space? From relaxing duck egg blues to warm copper browns, adding these hues to your decor can be great both mentally and aesthetically.

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