85p tip to stops ‘destructive’ squirrels ‘destroying’ your garden

Grey squirrels are ‘destructive’ says Douglas-Home in 2020

Gardening buffs have shared a trick to keep squirrels from messing up your garden and ruining your plants, and it will only set you back 85p.

Squirrels, while cute, can wreak havoc when present in large numbers, as they chew through garden furniture and invade lofts.

Fortunately, fans of cleaning guru Mrs Hinch have offered helpful advice on how to keep the critters at bay.

Mrs Hinch, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, became a poignant figure for cleaning enthusiasts when she started divulging her tricks and tips. Some of her advice includes cleaning garden furniture and sprucing up outdoor areas.

In a Facebook group for Mrs Hinch gardening tips – which comprises more than 100,000 members – one user recently asked how to keep squirrels away from their garden.

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They wrote: “How can I get rid of squirrels from my garden? My neighbour is feeding them.”

The post was flooded with hundreds of comments including innovative suggestions, many recommending spices to deter squirrels.

One person suggested: “Cayenne pepper… hot chilli powder, that works for me… they are destructive! As much as I think they are cute I don’t like my plants getting destroyed.”

Another person added: “Not sure if this helps, but I read the other day to put some chilli flakes in your feeders, it deters the squirrels, but birds are okay.”

A third commentator quipped: “Have you tied cayenne pepper? It seems to work but reapply if it rains.”

The recommendation of cinnamon emerged elsewhere in the thread. One person wrote: “They’re lovely and I also love having them but last year they destroyed all my husband’s plants.

“So we had to cover his pots and spread some cinnamon in it. It kept them away from the pots but still coming into our garden for nuts.”

Crushed chillies and cinnamon can be purchased can be purchased from Sainsbury’s for 85p, and cayenne pepper for £1.

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Other ideas shared in the group involved placing large ornaments in the garden shaped like birds and cats to scare off the squirrels. Here are some other suggestions.

Squirrel-proof bird feeders: If you have bird feeders, consider using one specifically designed to be squirrel-proof as they use mechanisms closing off access to food when a squirrel’s weight is detected.

Provide alternative food sources: Place a separate feeder with squirrel-friendly food away from your main bird feeders.

Use squirrel repellent sprays: There are various squirrel repellent sprays that you can use on plants, bird feeders and other areas you wish to protect.

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