Woman Learns Her 'Massive' Panic Attacks May Be Cured with a Nose Job

Nesreen Rashied didn’t think much of the nose injury she suffered as a kid — until she started having “massive” panic attacks in her adult years.

The makeup artist, 35, learned that the childhood accident, and subsequent difficulties breathing, was the likely cause of her panic attacks.

Rashied says in this exclusive clip from Wednesday’s season finale of Botched that her sister caused the injury.

“When we were younger my sister blindfolded my head, and she grabbed the other end and just took off running, and just thwacked me into a wood beam pole,” she recalls.

Then, years later, the panic attacks started.

“Out of nowhere, I started to get massive panic attacks. Everybody said we don’t know what’s wrong with you, so then one day I went to go see a physician, and he says, ‘your septum is leaning in on your airway. This could be a big factor for your anxiety,’ ” Rashied says.

“Breathing is one of the basic, physiologic functions, and if you have an inability to breathe properly, that can easily give you a panic attack,” Dr. Terry Dubrow explains.

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Rashied says her doctor then referred her to an ear, nose and throat specialist who could fix her nose, but this doctor only added to her issues.

“He was like, ‘I’m going to get you all fixed up. I’m going to give you a really cute, perfect, straight nose.’ So he signed me up for the following Thursday, and when I walked in he never came to check on me,” Rashied says. “I asked the nurse if he was going to come in, and she said ‘No, he’s been doing this for so long that we don’t need to come in here.’ And she said, ‘If you’re nervous, go ahead and take your own medication, we’ll be back in a few minutes.’ ”

Drs. Dubrow and Paul Nassif listen to her story in shock, and Nassif confirms that they gave her no preparation before administering anesthesia.

Rashied still went through with the surgery, which did nothing to help her panic attacks. She now wants the Botched doctors to fix her nose, which she believes looks like the shape of California.

Botched airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on E!

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