Woman debates ditching bridesmaid after she gets ‘horrible’ new hair style

Every bride is different when it comes to planning and preparing for their special day.

Some are totally laid back and just want everyone to be happy, while others are determined everything will be exactly as they planned.

One woman, who sounds like she is probably leaning slightly towards the second option, was horrified when she discovered one of her bridesmaids had gone for a bold new hairstyle just weeks before her wedding.

She believes it’s her pal’s way of taking attention away from the bride – and has asked her to change it back.

She’s even gone as far as saying she’ll ditch her as a bridesmaid if she refuses to change it back. Ouch.

Wanting to know if other people thought she was being unfair, she shared her story on Mumsnet .

She wrote: "My bridesmaid has dyed her hair this week a horrible pink colour and I am getting married next saturday.

"Am i being unreasonable to ask her to dye it back or uninvite her from the wedding?

"For context she is incredibly self-centered and always wants the attention to be focused on herself and I think she has done it just to stick out in the photos."

Unsurprisingly other parents didn’t agree, and some didn’t hold back when sharing their opinions.

One said: "If you already knew that about her and you think her hair is about standing out, why did you ask her to be bridesmaid? From the sounds of it, you would have been expecting something like this."

Another said: "I think pink is a lovely hair colour. If you are that pathetic to worry about your bridesmaid hair colour then get rid of her as a bridesmaid else deal with it! Simple!"

One woman wrote: "[Yes you are being unreasonable] it’s none of your f****** business what colour her hair is."

However others were more sympathetic.

One wrote: "I can totally see why you’re annoyed it smacks of attention seeking. My response would be to completely ignore it & if she says anything just respond with ‘oh yes, I hadn’t even noticed’ (tinkly laugh)".

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Another said: "The pink haired bridesmaid will really regret it in the years to come – every time she sees the wedding photos she will be reminded of her terrible fashion sense and her selfish personality."

One suggested: "Get the hairdresser to put it up, stick a big boring headband on her. Then it will hardly be noticeable. Bonus points if you put so much gel on it it looks brown."

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