Widespread Misconceptions About CBD

In the age of information, the internet is a great place to learn, but alongside that, it is a perfect space for misinformation to spread. CBD is an incredible tool that is frequently overshadowed by fear and falsehoods, but asking questions and being open can counter that. So, let’s weed through some common misconceptions we see on a regular basis.

1. CBD Gets You High

Image via Flickr by Fu-Ya

One of the most common questions asked about CBD is, “will this get me high?” Since CBD lacks the psychoactive properties that THC does, CBD cannot get someone high. That is the biggest difference in the CBD vs THC debate.

So, then what is CBD? For starters, CBD is short for cannabidiol, which is one of many compounds found in hemp and cannabis. Unlike THC, it does not have the ability to attach to receptors in the brain and lead to feeling intoxicated. Instead, CBD goes to the endocrine system, calming the adrenals and regulating other glands. That means it eases stress responses and inflammation in the body.

2. CBD Will Make You Fail a Drug Test

This is where ensuring you are acquiring CBD products from reputable sources is important. Drug tests specifically search for THC markers. CBD does not trigger a drug test, but not all products are made the same. Some items are made with trace amounts of THC and, even if you don’t experience “getting high,” there is a chance of a drug test flagging it.
If you purchase CBD that is free of any THC, you should not have to worry about a failed test. Ask your provider questions and make sure the product you are getting is the exact product you want.

3. CBD Is Only for Really Sick People

It is easy to think that you have to be “sick” to take CBD when we see it being used to help cancer patients and epileptics, but that isn’t the case at all. Many people find relief by using CBD, and the World Health Organization has even found it helpful for dogs with anxiety. Because of how it works in tandem with our endocrine system, it can help with anxiety, depression, inflammation, and sleep regulation. It has even been used to help treat acne and assist in weight loss.

4. You Have to Smoke CBD

There are many reasons someone wouldn’t want to smoke something. The good news is CBD can be taken in several forms, and because it has been deemed a safe medicinal aide, sites like Charlotte’s Web make and ship products nationwide. Some CBD products you can find are oils, capsules, balms, and gummies. Now that CBD is legal and regulated, it is easier than ever to find safe alternatives that allow access to all walks of life.

Research Is Your Friend

If it seems like CBD could benefit you, talk to your doctor, do your research, and look through sites like Charlotte’s Web to find which type of product will fit you best. Your health and happiness are worth it.