What is the quickest way to cure a hangover? Top tips as Brits gear up for Euro final

Lorraine: Dr Amir shares tips for curing hangovers

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England and Italy will meet this weekend, as the two teams clash during the Euro 2020 finals. The occasion is historic for the English side, with it being the first time it has ever made it this far. Brits will likely celebrate with several pints and could wake up to an English victory without much memory of it.

What is the quickest way to cure a hangover?

England fans have proven their drinking chops during the years, with figures showing they have sunk tens of millions of pints.

As Gareth Southgate’s squad clinched a 4-0 victory over Ukraine, they drank 42 million pints.

And as the match against Denmark neared, experts believed they could buy another 50,000 per minute, meaning even more people will reach for a glass on Sunday.


Alcoholic drinks have several qualities that can leave people drained after a night out.

As a diuretic, they make people urinate through the night, forcing them to lose valuable liquids.

Health experts traditionally advise people to drink water with each pint, but, failing that, they should prioritise rehydrating when they wake up.

Drink tea

Coupled with hydration, drinking tea could prove beneficial for nursing a hangover.

Ginger, chamomile or green teas will help replenish fluids and settle upset stomachs.

People should try and avoid caffeinated beverages where possible, however, as they also act as diuretics.

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Alcohol will affect people’s stomachs, often making it difficult to eat after a night out.

But the best way to keep symptoms at bay is by filling up on a hearty breakfast.

Cereal, porridge and fruit can all raise low blood sugar, which causes other unpleasant symptoms.


Most people with a hangover don’t need encouragement to sleep, as they will spend the day in bed if they can.

Alcohol interrupts the vital Restless Eye Movement (REM) stage of sleep.

Sleeping during a hangover or getting an early night will help people regain some of their composure.

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