Video Emerges of MMA Referee Choking Fighter Who Wouldn’t Release Tapping Opponent

An MMA referee was forced to choke a fighter after he refused to release his opponent, despite him tapping.

The incident happened in the first round of a bout between Doolotbek Narmatov and Saidburkhon Saidakbarov at a World Ertaymash Federation (WEF) event in Kyrgyzstan.

In footage shared on Twitter, Narmatov can be seen getting Saidakbarov in a guillotine choke, but when Saidakbarov taps to be released, Narmatov continues to choke his opponent.

In order to free him the referee first tries to loosen Narmatov’s grip, and when that doesn’t work he puts his hands around the fighter’s throat – at which point he finally lets go and wheels away in celebration.

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