Shoppers praise ‘lifesaver’ menopause supplements that help them ‘sleep throu…

World Menopause Day is taking place on October 18 to raise awareness of the symptoms and support available.

To support the body and relieve symptoms, these supplements are designed to help with hormone regulation, bone health and heart health, plus essential vitamins and nutrients support overall wellbeing.

Facing the menopause is challenging for many women and can bring many different mental and physical changes.

With many experiencing the symptoms as their menstrual cycles come to an end between the ages of 45 and 55, some are finding that supplements can help support their health.

The Vitabiotics Menopace Plus tablets provide symptom relief with vitamins and natural extracts during the menopause and are currently reduced from £15.27 to £11.95.

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The food supplements are designed to help support women’s health during and after the menopause.

There are two different types of tablets included – the micronutrient tablets target hormone regulation, heart health and bone health, while the botanical tablets include soya isoflavones, sage, flaxseed lignans and green tea.

There are also benefits to boost vitamins B6, B12 and folic acid which contribute to normal metabolism.

Some women have found positive changes from taking the supplements regularly, however some found they helped with some symptoms but not others, or didn’t work for them at all.

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Amazon shoppers are commenting on the supplements, with some calling them ‘worth every penny’.

NJT said: ”I’ve been taking these for about a year they definitely help with hot flashes and general well being. I have stopped taking them twice just to give myself self a break and sure enough my menopausal symptoms come back. So im sticking with these for now. Recommend.”

Mrs Rona Ellis commented: ”I was having a terrible time with night sweats, waking 3-4 times in the night not really getting back to a restfull sleep. Then having a foul mood through the day because of the lack of sleep. Bought these. OMG. What a transformation. I can sleep through the night, no more waking, the night sweats are literally gone. Girls these tablets are worth every penny. My skin has changed, looks brighter and cleaner, spots have gone. My hair is shinier. Fantastic tablets.”

Cazco also added: ”I bought these primarily to try to find relief from hot flushes. They do help a lot but don’t alleviate them completely. Noticed no difference in my anxiety or mood swings or energy levels.”

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