Nick Knowles: The health scare that made presenter change his life – ‘I was really unwell’

Nick Knowles introduces Marlow family to decluttered home

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Whilst talking to Good Morning Britain’s Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan back in 2017, Nick Knowles explained that he had “taken up yoga, given up meat and even went a week without eating food at all.” These drastic life changes came after the presenter appeared on BBC One’s reality show The Retreat. The show followed Nick for four weeks as he went on a complete detox, seven-day fast and lived entirely on a plant-based diet.

Nick labelled the experience as “life changing”, miles away from the stressed and overworked person he was a year prior.

Speaking about his health makeover he said: “A year and a half ago I was really, really, unwell.

“I was carrying a lot of stress from work and things.

“Actually on my way to these studios here to do a pilot for a new show I sneezed in the back of a taxi and burst an artery in my sinuses.

“It wasn’t just a nose bleed – I had to have an emergency operation to get it sorted out.”

A burst artery in the sinuses is also known as a posterior nosebleed, and bleeding can occur for more than 20 minutes.

According to Medical News Today incidents of trauma or high blood pressure can lead to frequent posterior nosebleeds.

Nick, who also presents the National Lottery, had also recently gone through a public divorce with Jessica Rose after a turbulent on-off relationship.

After uprooting the family to sunny Spain to try and scale back his “million miles an hour” life, the pair could not make it work.

It was not only personal relationships where Nick was having problems.

In 2019 he revealed to that the DIY SOS team had a “massive punch-up” behind the scenes whilst working in Scotland.

Nick once again put this down to stress saying: “It was just the stress of the job and various other things.

“One evening in the pub, whilst we were chatting, we all fell out and had a punch-up and the next morning we went back to work.”

The crew who have been working together for 20 years were likened to a “normal family” by the host of the show.

In order to cope with periods of stress, Nick values his family and close friends.

He said: “When I actually come under extreme stress or difficulty, I spend time with my older brother John who has had some counselling training.”

Stress is normal to feel in periods of change, but it can lead to various different symptoms.

This includes physical symptoms such as headaches or stomach problems, mental symptoms like being forgetful and changes in behaviour such as becoming irritable or snappy.

Letting stress build up in your life and continuing to try and do everything at once will only make things worse.

The NHS recommends talking to people, breathing techniques and relaxation apps to try and alleviate some of this stress.

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