‘Negative in the morning and positive in the afternoon’: Dr Amir on the speed of Omicron

Coronavirus symptoms 'overlap' with winter flu says Dr Amir

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Health bodies are conducting trials to determine the details about the variant. Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Doctor Amir warned about the alarming speed of the Omicron variant. “You could have a negative lateral flow test in the morning and then have a positive one in the afternoon,” he warned.

He noted the importance of taking lateral flows “right up until the last minute” because of the rate at which the virus.

Previously he has noted that a scratchy throat and muscle aches are commonly reported from people infected with Omicron, as well as the well-known symptoms of loss of smell/appetite, new cough and fever.

He continued: “There’s so much overlap with the winter viruses now, and the kind of common symptoms we were all aware of at the start of the pandemic, the persistent cough, fever, loss of taste and smell has changed through the delta variant, so runny noses and headaches.

“With Omicron, we’re seeing this scratchy throat, muscle aches, extreme fatigue.

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“I think the best way to put it is, your cold is guilty until proven innocent. So if you have any symptoms, take a PCR test.”

Discrepancies in Covid test results have given rise to a debate over the accuracy of tests undergone at home.

A spokesperson for Public Health England told the Independent that lateral flow tests have a specificity of 99.9 percent.

These measures offer an indication of how good the test is at detecting an individual who does not have Covid.

This means that for every 1000 lateral flow tests carried out, there is less than one false-positive result.

It comes as officials have warned the UK could see more than one million Omicron infections by the end of the month if the current trends continue.

It has also been revealed that a booster vaccine confers better protection against the mutant than just two vaccines.

But health bodies are gathering thousands of coronavirus specimens collected each week to assess the gravity of symptoms in individuals vaccinated with a third jab.

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