Man Whose Smell Made Other Airline Passengers Sick Dies of Tissue Necrosis

Man dies from tissue necrosis airplane

A Russian musician whose odor made other passengers sick, causing an emergency landing, died from complications due to tissue necrosis this week, CBS News reported.

On May 29, guitarist Andrey Suchilin, 58, boarded the Transavia Airlines flight from Spain’s Canary Islands to the Netherlands. However, the plane stopped in Portugal because Suchilin’s scent reportedly made other passengers faint and vomit during the flight.

Once in Portugal, Suchilin received medical care and was diagnosed with tissue necrosis, a condition that caused his skin and muscle tissue to die. Suchilin was put in a medically-induced coma and received several operations to remove the dead skin, according to Facebook posts on Suchilin’s account made by his partner, Lidia Tikhonovich.

On June 25, Tikhonovich announced that doctors couldn’t stop the necrosis from spreading. Suchilin ultimately died from organ failure.

While it remains unclear how he contracted necrosis, ScienceDaily lists cancer, toxins, injuries and infections as possible causes of the condition. Before his death, Suchilin documented his own experience battling the then-unknown condition on Facebook.

“The tragic and comic component of this story is I caught a disease that makes a man very smelly. As a result, a group of passengers can get the captain of the plane to get you off the flight,” an approximate translation of his original text from May 30 reads.

Tikhonovich plans to bury Suchilin near their home, according to recent Facebook posts.

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