Katie Price shares details of latest surgery – ‘I don’t want to look like a freak’

Katie Price on needing a blood transfusion after surgery

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A “cat eye” lift and full-body liposuction were just a number of procedures Katie Price had, who compared her cosmetic surgery to getting an MOT for your car. Sharing the details of her latest surgery on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Katie said: “People think I’m obsessed with surgery.” The mum-of-five – who wants another baby – was questioned by GMB host Kate Garraway why she would fly to a “red zone” during a pandemic, especially when her mum is terminally ill.

Wishing her mum, Amy, “good luck” as she’s in hospital today, Katie explained getting surgery was needed to look good for her jobs in the summer.

Katie travelled to Turkey on June 17, which is in the “red zone”, after receiving two coronavirus jabs.

The traffic light system explained

A traffic-light system for travel was introduced across the UK in May.

The system includes green, amber and red list countries – each colour meaning different rules around testing and quarantining.

Turkey has been among many countries on the red list. Government advice states: “You should not travel to red list countries or territories.”

Going completely against that recommendation didn’t come without its risks.

Dr Amir chimed in, telling Katie he would have advised her “to wait” before flying abroad for surgery.

“We’ve got to prioritise the lives and health of everybody else around us,” he said.

Nodding in agreement, Katie emphasised that she was “very careful” and had both jabs before fying.

But that’s not the only risk Katie took, as her surgery required the 43-year-old to have a blood transfusion.

Cosmetic surgery can – and does – carry the risk of complications.

“Having surgery isn’t fun and games,” Katie shared. “It is painful, and it’s irreversible.”

“I could go over the top,” she continued, “but I don’t want to look like a freak.”

When Katie woke up from surgery, she saw a line in her groin – “I’ve never had that before” – which she says was one of eight marks on her body.

According to Katie, the marks were the result of her small veins that made it hard for surgeons to place a cannula in her body. 

“I was so weak… [they] said about having a blood transfusion.”

“I didn’t know you’re at zero degrees when you’re put to sleep,” Katie remarked.

“That explains why when I wake up I’m so cold, I’m so sore – I mean, it really is sore.”

Katie went on to say that she’s “not addicted” to surgery. “If people want to say I have body dysmorphia, just say it.”

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