Jackie Stewart shares latest on wife’s dementia fight – ‘a big pain for family and myself’

GMB: Jackie Stewart says his wife's dementia gets 'very serious'

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Setting up Race Against Dementia in 2016 after his wife Lady Helen was diagnosed with the illness, Jackie Stewart told Good Morning Britain in a bid to find a cure, the medical profession “needs to change.”

Talking about his wife’s condition, Stewart revealed: “To see that happening to my own wife, was a big pain for family and myself.

“I go to all the homes, it’s a long day, depressing. When those people go into homes it is a very sad sight.

“I am now facing one of the biggest challenges of my life and will put all my efforts into finding a cure for this horrendous illness.”

Jackie’s wife Helen was just 54 when she was diagnosed in 2014, and the diagnosis came as a complete “shock” to the whole family.

Talking to Coutts, Jackie said: “The sad report was that there was nothing to cure it or to prevent it and that was a big knock back. It’s not a nice thing, seeing the degradation of someone you love, and the realisation that currently there’s no corrective medicine in the world – and worse still, no preventative medicine – was a big awakening for me. So I decided to do something about it.”

Investing £1 million in order to set up the charity Race Against Dementia he aims to not only find a cure but also find a way to prevent the degrading condition.

Dr Emily Hill, a Race Against Dementia fellow, appeared alongside Jackie on Good Morning Britain explaining that she remains “optimistic” that a cure will be found.

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