Eight symptoms found on the skin signifying disease 3.8million in the UK have

Dr Amir lists diabetes symptoms

There can be as many as nine symptoms of high blood sugars that could come up on the skin.

“Diabetes can lead to an increase in blisters and skin infections,” said Dr Missick.

“You may also notice red bumps on your skin and your skin may feel extremely dry and itchy.”

Dr Missick added that numerous skin tags “may also be a sign of diabetes”.

The blood sugar disorder could also lead to necrobiosis lipodica, which is [when] patches [appear] on the skin.

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Dr Missick elaborated, stating that these patches could be yellow, brown or redfish in colouring.

“It can also cause acanthosis nigricans, which is where an area of your skin may appear darker and feel like velvet,” said Dr Missick.

“Additionally, type 2 diabetes can impair the body’s ability to heal wounds, leading to slower healing times.”

Eight symptoms of diabetes on the skin

  1. Increase in blister
  2. Increase in skin infections
  3. Red bumps
  4. Dry skin
  5. Itchy skin
  6. Numerous skin tags
  7. Coloured patches on the skin
  8. Dark, velvety folds of skin.

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Dr Missick added: “The symptoms of diabetes will vary from person to person, and some may not experience any symptoms in the early stages.”

By the later stages, however, people might experience an array of signs, from increased thirst to unexplained weight loss.

Dr Missick said increased urination could be a symptom of diabetes as the kidneys work harder to remove excess sugar from the bloodstream.

“The body’s inability to effectively utilise glucose for energy can leave you feeling drained,” he added.

Additional signs could include blurry vision and/or numbness or tingling.

“The symptoms of type 2 diabetes can be very subtle. Sometimes even so subtle and slow-developing that people live with type 2 diabetes for years without even noticing,” warned Dr Missick.

If you suspect you might have diabetes, the best place to check is at the doctor’s clinic.

Diabetes can easily be confirmed following a blood test for the condition.

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