Coronavirus symptoms: Teenager feared for life after mistaking COVID-19 signs for asthma

Coronavirus deaths have pushed past the 12,000 barrier in the latest figures. The Department of Health confirmed last night a total of 12,107 people have died from the virus, a rise of 778. For anyone believing they are invincible to this deadly virus, the Dublin teenager offers a stark warning after fearing for his life and praising the medical staff who supported him whilst in isolation, alone and fearful.


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Teenager Brandon Fay is warning other youngsters of the dangers of COVID-19 after fearing for his own life and urges everyone to adhere to the strict measures by the Government.

Dublin teenager, Brandon Fay, 17, mistook his symptoms of COVID-19 for asthma symptoms, a simple error in judgement he paid heavily for.

Brandon spoke about his harrowing experience and revealed how he believed it was the end of his life.

Speaking to Dublin Live, Brandon said: “I don’t know how I contracted it and don’t think half of the people who have it or had it will know where they have got it from.

“It’s a virus, you can’t see it.”

Brandon spoke about his brutal symptoms he endured before being rushed to the hospital within 30 minutes after being tested during a routine check-up.

Brandon continued: “I got my first symptoms on Wednesday 25th March and went for a regular routine check-up in the hospital on the 26th.

“I had a cough and was very short of breath but I just thought it was my asthma acting up.

“I thought it was pollen in the air, but my consultant heard me coughing and got me checked by a nurse.

“My blood pressure and O2 levels were high and within 30 minutes I was isolated on a ward.

“I couldn’t eat, I lost my appetite, I was finding it hard to breath and was very short of breath.”

Asthma is a chronic lung condition which affects a person’s airways and causes inflammation.


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This inflammation causes spasm and narrowing of the airways, which leads to wheezing, breathlessness and coughing, symptoms similar to COVID-19.

When a person contracts a respiratory virus, the infection sets the body’s immune response in motion.

Those suffering with asthma, an overproduction of substances develops which worsens the inflammation.

COVID-19 also causes an inflammatory process inside the lung tissue but is a more bronchial inflammation compared to asthma.

Brandon continued: “After my few days in hospital I was released home as I had my own bedroom and bathroom to isolate in and was given a pulse oximeter which connected to my mobile through Bluetooth.”

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