Coronavirus symptoms: Girl turns 16 in hospital – how did she end up in intensive care?

Coronavirus keeps Britons on their toes. And one teenager has seen its wrath.

Coronavirus is having a devastating impact, with more than 30,000 people having now died from COVID-19 in the UK. Among those who have been hospitalised with the virus is a teenager. How did the 16-year-old end up in intensive care?

Opening her eyes wide open on her 16th birthday, Marissa Bappoo found herself startled.

Not knowing where she was, it took a few moments before she registered she was in a hospital ward.

A doctor came over. He told her: “Everything was going to be OK.”


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Marissa discovered she had just woken from a coma – she had been unconscious for 12 days.

Appearing via video link on ITV’s Good Morning Britain yesterday, Marissa was joined by her mum, Anita, and sister, Rhianna.

Marissa’s mum detailed what it was like to see her daughter suffer from the grips of coronavirus.

“Marissa’s temperature was sky-high and she had a cough as well.

“At this point we knew that it wasn’t normal, so we had to call 999.”

Aside from suffering from mild asthma, Marissa had no other underlying health conditions.

Rushed off to Basingstoke Hospital, medical staff referred Marissa to Southamption’s intensive care unit.

There, aged 15, she was sedated and put onto a ventilator.

Remembering back to the day she woke up, Marissa explained: “I woke up on Monday, and there were birthday banners around [the hospital ward].

“I was really frightened at the time, because I didn’t know where I was.

“My dad had emailed [the medical staff] pictures of my family and me to look at on my window, so I’d feel more comfortable around the doctors.”

After her three-week stay at hospital, Marissa was finally discharged.


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Later, Marissa managed to see the doctors and nurses who saved her life for the first time since leaving hospital.

Via video chat, her doctor said: “She was desperately unlucky but she’s fought and, through her family’s support, she’s doing brilliantly well.”

And her mum, Anita, showed her gratitude, saying: “Thank you for letting me have my daughter back.”

What must have been a stressful situation for the whole family, they are all now back to full health.

Does asthma make coronavirus worse?

Asthma UK states: “We are still learning about COVID-19 and how it affects people in the short and long term.

“From our understanding of COVID-19 so far, it seems to be taking some people a while to recover after the worst of their illness has passed.

“Some people find they have trouble breathing that lasts for a while after a COVID-19 infection.

“It is important to try to tell the difference between ongoing chest symptoms such as breathlessness and cough that are part of your recovery from COVID-19, and symptoms due to your asthma.

“Speak with your doctor or nurse about this [on the telephone].”

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