Children’s jewellery found to be radioactive – vendors urged to ‘stop trade immediately’

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The Dutch Nuclear Safety Authority, ANVS, has ordered a halt to sales for a collection of products that give off harmful radiation. They warn that anyone who owns a ‘quantum pendant’ or ‘negative ion’ jewellery should stop wearing them and store them safely until further instructions are given. Ionising radiation, they warn, can cause damage to tissue and DNA and people wearing them may experience a red skin. Wearing them for long periods of time will lead to levels of radiation exposure above the legal limits in the Netherlands.

The items were marketed for their “anti-5G” properties.

5G is the latest generation in telecommunications technology, although it has been branded by some conspiracy theories as responsible for the Coronavirus, brain cancer and ADHD.

The signals sent using telecommunications devices are non-ionising and have not been identified to cause any harm to the human body.

A review in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health found that most studies into the health impacts of 5G radiation failed basic quality criteria of health research.

The full list of items identified with ionising radiation includes 10 products that include sleep masks, necklaces, and bracelets.
One of them, the ‘Smiley Kids bracelet with negative ions’ is marketed for children.

Ionising radiation encompasses a broad range of different types of radiation.

High energy electromagnetic rays such as X-rays and gamma rays are able to penetrate physical matter, but are less likely to interact with particles to cause damage.

Shorter range ionising radiation, composed of subatomic particles like protons, neutrons and electrons have a much shorter range but can cause large amounts of damage if the source is close to you.

For this reason eating sources of ‘alpha radiation’ can be very dangerous, as the particles are not able to penetrate through the skin.

The ANVS have ordered for local vendors to halt distribution of the products, but are unable to impose restrictions on foreign traders.

They say: “The ANVS has informed all known vendors of these products in the Netherlands that their sale is prohibited and that they must stop trading in these products immediately.

“If you have purchased a product through a foreign webshop or if the supplier is located abroad, you can of course contact us.

“The ANVS cannot impose a ban on foreign traders, but we intend to share any such information with the authorities able to do so.”

The ANVS notes that not all products marketed with ionic effects are hazardous to health.

Ionic air purifiers are not known to contain any radioactive materials and are safe to use.

An ion is a particle that holds a charge due to having a different number of electrons and protons.

This makes them highly reactive in the body, where ions play a variety of roles in cell function and signalling.

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