6 signs you’re afraid to be alone, according to a therapist

Many people experience a fear of being alone – and these are the signs to look out for.

Being comfortable on your own isn’t easy for everyone.

While some of us thrive on solitude, others draw energy and inspiration from constantly being surrounded by people – something that can be both positive and negative.

While it is important to enjoy the company of family and friends, it’s also great to feel that same level of happiness while spending time on your own. However, developing a fear of being alone is something many people experience and can lead some to stay in relationships or friendships for longer than they should.

“Deep-rooted fears of being alone can normally be traced back to childhood, especially if you experienced neglect, abandonment or rejection,” says therapist Bobbi Banks in a recent Instagram post.

“This can lead to attachment issues and create a need for connection and love, sometimes at the cost of your emotional wellbeing. Relationships that hide a fear of being alone are normally built on insecurity and a deep unmet need for connection.⁣”

In the post, Banks highlighted the signs that indicate someone might be afraid of being alone – including staying in unhealthy relationships and putting other people’s needs above your own.

Banks adds that feeling uncomfortable with your own company and avoiding confrontation at all costs are also signs that someone is afraid of being alone. Other signs include maintaining friendships that drain you and fear of abandonment and rejection.

Following the post, which gained over 7,000 likes, people took to the comments to share how they dealt with a fear of being alone.

“Yes! I grew up with super-codependent and anxious parents, so I feared being or doing things by myself until I started to shift these emotional patterns and connected to my inner child more,” comments one user.

Another said: “Love this. So true. One must first find comfort in sitting alone with themself. Acknowledging themself, their thoughts, their energy.”

Changing your perspective on being alone is not easy. But by acknowledging this, you can begin to create the building blocks that will help you overcome this fear and help you to feel content whether you’re surrounded by a crowd of people or in your own company.

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