Zoey Deutch's Pandemic Uber Eats Addiction Is Very Relatable: 'I Shouldn't Be Allowed on This App'

For Zoey Deutch, Valentine's Day will consist of eating "like four or five" fried chicken sandwiches while at home in quarantine by herself. And the 26-year-old actress — whose fans and Instagram followers know her to be quite the foodie — would have it no other way.

"I'm very vocal about my deep, deep love of food and very much so a huge fan of fried chicken. Anything that can make this specific Valentine's Day a little bit more festive and sweeter, or maybe spicier, is great by me," Deutch, who will be indulging in Amex and Uber Eats limited-edition Rose Gold Meals this Feb. 14, tells PEOPLE exclusively, joking, "Eating is all I've got on the docket this year."

Launching in celebration of the permanent return of the American Express Rose Gold Card and new benefits for Uber Eats Gold Card members, the Rose Gold Meal — which includes a limited-edition gold-dusted spicy chicken sandwich stamped with Valentine's Day-themed messages from Fuku, a bubbly white grape flavored soda from United Sodas of America, a custom lavender vanilla candle from C&E Craft Co. and a rose gold-colored sugar cookie from Tiny Kitchen Treats — is available exclusively on Uber Eats Feb. 13 and 14 in New York City and Los Angeles.

On Feb. 4, American Express announced that the Rose Gold Card design is coming back by popular demand as a permanent color option for the American Express Gold Card, and the American Express Gold Card is now providing Card Members with up to $120 annually in Uber Cash which can be used on Uber Eats orders or Uber rides in the U.S. 

Deutch says she's looking forward to indulging in the elevated comfort food this Valentine's Day, but admits that ordering an extravagant Uber Eats meal isn't that out of the ordinary for her. Like most of us, the Buffaloed star has been treating herself this year and became a regular on the app amid the pandemic.

"I mean, I should go to jail," Deutch quipped, when asked about her most expensive Uber Eats bill. "I shouldn't be allowed to have this app … I've definitely ordered way too much sushi. They sent like eight sets of chopsticks, and I was deeply offended by that."

"I think there's a part of me that it feels like the inner child in me is rebelling because growing up, my parents never ordered in food," she says with a laugh. "I can only remember two times we ordered Chinese food, but otherwise my mom would always cook. So whenever I order in food, it feels extra. Like tapping into the rebellious child in me. It feels extra good."

When she's not ordering delivery, the star has been whipping up crowd pleasers like Cacio e Pepe and perfecting her banana bread recipe.

"I started putting candy in mine. Rolos and Snickers are really delicious in it," The Politician star says, adding that, during quarantine she also got "really into sweatsuits, like the rest of the world."

"There's a lot of cooking, a lot of ordering in food from Uber Eats and a lot of re-watching TV shows that you thought you'd never re-watch or ever get to. I finally watched all six seasons of The Sopranos."

Deutch has also found ways to stay creative while cooped up inside. "I've been enjoying developing and finding things to produce in the last year," she shares. "I have a really cool scripted podcast, that I produced with Audible and Team Coco, which is coming out on Mother's Day."

"So many things are coming together, which is awesome," the actress concludes.

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