Woman makes Sonic birthday cake – but some people think it looks like a sex toy

Sian Manana Knight offered to make her friend a birthday cake and knowing she loved Sonic the Hedgehog, she decided to go with that theme.

But she accidentally made a cake that looks a bit rude.

Yes, rather than looking like the blue cartoon, the shape was more like a penis or a sex toy.

She posted the image to Rate My Plate, where it received over 2,300 kikes and 900 comments.

Sian revealed what the theme of the cake was in the caption but many were amused by the phallic shape.

One person said: ‘Is…. is that a penis cake mold….? What is that? What is happening here?’

And another agreed: ‘I thought this was a sad penis cake that you made for your partner.’

‘Looks more like Sonic the Dildo,’ another person said.

But other people loved the cake and said that it was a really nice gesture for Sian to create it for her pal.

One person said: ‘Well if someone made me a cake I’d love it even if it looked like this, its the thought that counts. Well done you.’

Speaking to The Sun, Sian said that her friend said ‘What the f**k is that!’ and laughed but she soon fell in love with the cake.

She said: ‘I’ve had years of baking experience perfecting my craft, and I knew that this cake had to be the best I’ve ever made and the feedback has been great, mostly positive.

‘Some people have even been inspired to relate it to a slug, or some have mistaken it for a melted Thomas the Tank Engine!’

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