‘With Weight Watchers And Whitney Simmons\u2019 Workouts, I Lost 102 Pounds’

My name is Kristina Armstrong (@kristinaarmstrong_) and I’m 32 years old. I live in Tennessee, where I am a local family photographer. I am married to a wonderful man and we have two beautiful kids. Losing 102 pounds with WW and weight lifting and sprinting workouts wasn’t easy, but I did it despite my past history with binge eating and PCOS.

Before I started my weight loss journey, I was deeply grieving the loss of my sister and one of my childhood best friends, who both passed away in 2016. That grief led me to start binge eating again, something I had always struggled with. I honestly didn’t realize how much damage I was doing to my body and my health during that time. It was a constant battle for me mentally. It took me years to make the changes necessary to get a hold of my life and my health again.

Later, I was diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, which can also contribute to weight gain and make it challenging to lose weight.

At my heaviest weight, I weighed in at 290.2 pounds. Obesity runs in my family. I was 28 and devastated. My mental health was also struggling, and I was in a deep depression. I knew that getting in shape and eating better would ultimately give me back the life that I desperately missed and needed for my health.

I started my weight loss journey in March 2019 at age 29.

I just had my second baby. My weight and my insecurities affected every aspect of my life, from my self-esteem and self-love to my ability to connect with my husband. I isolated myself from pretty much everyone I knew.

I remember going to the park and not being able to swing or go down the slide with my baby boy at the time. It was heartbreaking for me, and I was sad for my boy. That was the moment I decided enough was enough and I wanted to be healthy for me and my family.

I came across a girl on Instagram sharing her WW (formerly known as Weight Watchers) journey, and she reminded me so much of myself.

Her name was Felicia Keathley, and I knew that if she could do it, so could I. So, I decided then to join WW. It was the best choice for me. I love WW because I feel like I will be able to maintain this lifestyle forever. For me, it was important to never feel restricted. And with this program, I never do. It has given me tools I will be able to use forever.

Here’s what I eat in a day.

  • Breakfast: Two slices of 45-calorie toast with one tablespoon peanut butter.
  • Lunch: Mixed green salad with lightly breaded chicken chunks.
  • Snacks: Light + Fit Greek yogurt and a protein shake.
  • Dinner: Two-ingredient dough pizza. (Dough that’s made with flour and Greek yogurt.)
  • Dessert:Two chocolate graham crackers with one tablespoon of sugar-free whipped topping. (Hack: Freeze it!)

I didn’t start getting serious about exercising and going to the gym until January 2021.

Once I started going and getting into a routine, I fell in love with it. I go at least four days a week, but sometimes it’s five or six days. I typically follow the Whitney Simmons workouts on her app. I highly recommend them to anyone just starting out on their fitness journey or anyone who wants a good challenge. I always make sure to do cardio, such as sprints, at the end of my workouts for a boost in fat burn. I am not a runner, but sprinting is helping me to become one.

These three changes made the biggest difference in my weight-loss results.

I have lost a total of 102 pounds in 2.5 years.

I lost the weight slowly, but I am so glad I never gave up all of those times that I looked at myself in the mirror and couldn’t see the changes I felt like I had worked so hard for. I want other people to know that I didn’t get here overnight. It was a long journey, but totally worth it. It took lots of falls and stumbles along the way, but each time I got myself back up and went at it again.

Getting control of my eating habits and my weight changed my life in so many ways. I stopped isolating myself. I have a better relationship with myself and therefore others, as well. I have a successful photography business, and I can finally play with my kids on the playground and keep up with them on the busiest of days. You can do this too, you just have to start.

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