Thrifty mum bags yellow sticker-reduced food worth more than £40 for just £1.40

Meet the mum who loves nothing more than a yellow sticker bargain – and recently bagged more than £40 worth of food for just £1.40.

Lucy Robinson, 31, says her top tip is to freeze your cheap finds to beat the use by date, and recommends shopping late in the day to find a real bargain.

And as we all feel the effects of the cost of living crisis, we could all use mum-of-three Lucy’s tips to cut the price of our food shop.

She even asks staff if there are any reduced items left in the back.

Just days ago she says she took home a haul including three whole chickens, a pack of pork chops, two chicken jalfrezis and a cut of roast beef for less than £1.50.

Lucy, from Bradford, said: ‘I’ve been yellow label shopping for a while. Just the other week I got an entire shoulder of beef for £4 – it was 70% off.

‘I’ve actually made it into a sort of game with my kids too, they all go off and try and find the cheapest items in the shop.’

The budget shopping helps Lucy, who is currently studying to be a mental health worker and lives off monthly Universal Credit payments worth £334.91 per month.

Lucy admits that local shops can be hit or miss with cheap products – but there is gold to be found if you know where to look.

She said: ‘I normally don’t need to spend more than £20 on my weekly shop.

‘Asking in local stores if they have any food on sale is also good. They don’t often have much – but sometimes you get lucky.

‘Another trick is I never buy veg in packets – it’s always cheaper to buy it as loose items, like three onions in a packet can be 20p more expensive, or more.’

Lucy always sticks her budget meals in her box freezer when she gets home too – which helps her cheat expiration dates and gives her enough food which she says can last for weeks.

Her latest haul – which she bagged in a local McColl’s store, is her best yet, which cost just £1.40.

Lucy added: ‘I’m not in work at the moment while I study health and social care, because I want to help support people with mental health difficulties.

‘I have three kids, and while they normally live their father it means I have to find budget deals in the shops to feed them while they are staying over.

‘It’s especially important too with the cost of living crisis – I’m always struggling with money while I’m out of work, so finding cheap deals keeps me going.’

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