This New Smoking Green Drink From Disney Is a Dream to Look at — but OMG, Those "Cherry Pearls"

If Buzz Lightyear were a drink, he’d be the new Infinity Fizz beverage from Disney California Adventure. With the arrival of Pixar Pier comes a whole slew of delicious new menu items, and we just can’t stop staring at the smoking green drink from the Lamplight Lounge. The Infinity Fizz is made with Powerade Mountain Berry Blast, apple juice, and “cherry pearls,” which are essentially cherry juice-filled balls that resemble boba tea balls. But the best part about the drink is that it’s made with dry ice, so it appears to smoke. (Pro tip: one Instagram user said the smoking dry ice only lasts about five minutes, “so be quick to get that photo!”)

While the $7 Infinity Fizz doesn’t contain alcohol, there are plenty of cocktails on the menu at the Lamplight Lounge for you to get your fix, and if you really want to get your buzz on, we recommend the “fizzy cocktail” known as the Server Room Chill. “It tasted like a greyhound. Vodka and grapefruit,” one lucky taster told POPSUGAR. “It wouldn’t be what I normally order, but I wanted the experience. One thing I will tell you . . . IT WAS POTENT! I got my booze bang for the buck!”

Read on to see the photos of the Infinity Fizz drink, because although it may taste like apple juice, it looks pretty damn cool in photos.

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