This Is Exactly How to Properly Freeze Bananas

Bananas remain popular for their high potassium and fiber content and delicious taste, but they’re also arguably the most troublesome fruit to keep fresh between visits to the grocer. The main thing is to avoid purchasing ones that have brown spots or bruises because they may be a sign of overripe fruit that’s about to go bad. But if you’ve purchased too many bananas to consume before they turn, consider freezing them!

Frozen bananas can last up to four months in the feezdr and make an excellent addition to a smoothie or post-workout snack. You can also thaw the frozen fruit to make favorites like banana bread.

You can easily freeze a banana with or without the peel. Freezing the banana in the peel is simply a matter of separating your bunch of bananas, storing them in an airtight plastic bag, and placing them in the freezer. The skin of the unpeeled bananas will turn black when frozen, but the banana inside remains edible. While this seems effortless, be advised that a frozen banana out of the peel tends to last about a month longer than a banana with the skin intact. Moreover, if you choose to freeze your bananas with the skin on, you’ll need to cut the frozen banana in half and thaw the pieces at room temperature (or in tepid water) before you can peel off the skin and enjoy the fruit.

We recommend you freeze bananas without the peel. To do so, you’ll need a cookie sheet or freezer-safe plate, a knife, wax or parchment paper, and a freezer-safe bag that seals.

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