The Best Brands That Will Deliver Wine Straight to Your Door

It’s five o’clock somewhere, which means it’s time to get that bar cart loaded and ready for the weekend — STAT. Whether you can’t get to the bar, don’t want to shovel out that $15 for a glass of rosé, or are tied up with the kids at home on a Friday night, there’s no reason you can’t dabble in a little happy hour action from the comfort of your couch. Thanks to our hard-working delivery friends, there are more ways than ever to get your fave vino delivered straight to your doorstep (that is, after showing some ID). What’s not to love? It’s cheaper, comfier, and sometimes drinking at home is the only way you can fit in a date night at home or a virtual happy hour with friends when you’re all cooped up.

Not to mention, having a chic bar cart setup is basically a new hobby, so now’s the perfect time to deck out yours with your favorite bottles of wine — from bubbly to pinot. There are so many Instagram-worthy wine delivery brands that seem to be popping up everywhere you look, and we have a feeling there are more to come to save us from our quickly depleting wine inventory. From Winc to Drizly, let’s just say there’s no way you’ll get thirsty anymore. Aside from a glass of wine, many retailers offer liquor delivery too, so if a whiskey sour or watermelon margarita is more your speed, you can indulge in some spirts at home too. To save you from ever running your bar cart dry, we’ve rounded up the best retailers to deliver wine straight to your doorstep to keep the happy hours going strong wherever you are. Cheers!

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