Teen spends £121 on McDonald's food in an attempt to win £100,000 – but fails

A teenager spent £121 on food from McDonald’s in an attempt to win £100,000 on its Monopoly game – but said she was ‘gutted’ when she didn’t win the top prize.

19-year-old Saffron Barker and her friend bought the food for themselves, family and friends, in order to film the process of peeling off the Monopoly tickets in a vlog.

Saffron, from Brighton, was left underwhelmed when she won pretty mundane prizes.

Instead of cash, the pair got a new Kindle, and a few meals and snacks such as carrot bags and sugar doughnuts – which are usually pretty easy to win.

‘We tried. It feels like its £121 down the drain,’ Saffron said in the video.

‘We are a little bit gutted.’

Since sharing the vlog, nearly 800,000 people have viewed it.

The pair also said they don’t think people should take part in the game.

‘We don’t recommend anyone doing this,’ said Saffron.

Then again, in the video, Saffron also said she ‘enjoyed’ the experience and that is was ‘quite fun’.

She ended up giving her mum the Kindle, and gave all the leftover food that wasn’t eaten to her friends.

At least everyone got a meal, right?

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